Naomi Does Russian Vogue

Naomi Campbell’s modeling career seems hotter than ever as the sista is once again gracing the cover of Vogue Magazine. April has Naomi striking a daring pose for the Russian edition of the super-mag and one look at the cover justifies why the fashion world just cannot let her go. This woman was born to model. Piacere !!


  1. The cover is stunning but the pics on the inside look like they were taken over 10 years ago.Naomi doesn’t look that young anymore.

  2. That outfit in the third pic is fiyah.Naomi is cute but imagine Bey in that outfit.Total fiyah.

  3. I am convinced her crazy antics keep her on the cover of magazines.Most models from her era are long gone but she keeps getting covers.Yeah she still looks great but it is as if she is being rewarded for being a nutcase. :thumbsdown:

  4. A black woman on the cover of a RUSSIAN magazine. Naomi rules the world!

  5. The worlds 2nd Top Model after my sister Lyndy-Ann.

  6. Sista is fierce! A true definition of a supermodel! :brownsista:

  7. :iagree: Beyonce would look nice in the 3rd outift.
    Naomi is on fire for real and being a nutcase is just a downfall as she is a TRUE MODEL.. now if she justs top throwing them damn phones.

  8. Naomi is the baddest woman in the GAME, us Geminis hold it down everytime. Despite, Naomi’s temper, the woman is bad , she is the true essence of Supermodel. That is why her pictures are fierce, and she has the baddest catwalk ever in the history of fashion.

    Did anyone think that maybe Naomi developed that hardcore attitude, because of all the racism she has to face in the modeling world? Atleast, she never complained about being mistreated, she just became the best supermodel ever. She maybe older now, but she walks circles around Tyra and these young models.

    Naomi is the Queen, and Iman is the Empress.

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