Naomi Makes 40 Look Good

Naomi Campbell celebrated twenty-five years in the modeling industry recently and the 40 year old is still showing no signs of slowing down… or aging for that matter. The catwalk icon is covering the February edition of Elle Russia and doing do so in fabulous fashion. Naomi goes full on glam for photographer Kayt Jones in a shoot styled by Daria Anichkina. Decked out in garments by Emilio Pucci, Marc Fast and Gianfranco Ferre, Naomi proves that age is truly nothing but a number.

Check out her fabulous shoot below.


  1. The familiar saying that beauty is only skin deep is so true in her case. I cannot admire her because of her violent temper.

  2. *sighs*…its so unfair! i can only wish 2 look half as good as her ….and im only 21!lol. she was blessed wit phenomenal genes,cant hate her for that

  3. naomi has admitted to her problems and is getting help for it. why the judgement. She’s human and we all make mistakes. i love naomi campbell, a black woman that made it big in the industry, and is an icon to so many black models.

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