Naomi Presents: Fashion Week Live

The beautiful- and somewhat psychotic Naomi Campbell was in San Francisco yesterday to announce the “Fashion Week Live” event taking place March 13th.Unlike other fashion shows, this event will allow everyday fashionistas a once in a lifetime chance to view top designer’s Fall 2007 collections even before they hit the runway or store windows.Check out Naomi as she greets the press below and don’t forget to pick up your tickets if you’re gonna be in the SF area- word is Beyonce will be performing at the event as well.
Naomi CampbellNaomi CampbellNaomi Campbell


  1. [quote post=”1534″]The beautiful- and somewhat psychotic Naomi Campbell[/quote]
    I know you didn’t :lol2:

  2. You all know Naomi is like that because she has been a top model since she was 15.That means for the majority of her life people have been bowing down and kissing her butt which has given her a very distorted sense of reality.The minute someone doesn’t totally kiss her butt she flips out and goes loco on them.Humility is not in her character and won’t be until she has lost it all.Then and only then will she come back down to Earth and start acting like a normal human being.

  3. Her time has come and gone and she has always been evil.Look how she treated Tyra and now look who is on top.Tyra still raking in millions and Naomi is raking in lawsuits.

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