Naomi Sims Has Died

Naomi Sims The world’s first Black supermodel, Naomi Sims, has passed away. Many of you may not know who this woman is, but if you are over 30 and have ever played in your mama or grand mama’s make-up collection, then you know how grand this modeling diva was. Before there was a Naomi (Campbell), Beverly Johnson, or Iman, there was Naomi Sims. This groundbreaking model was featured on the cover of The Ladies Home Journal in 1968, Life Magazine in 1969 and Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1973. She was a staple on the Paris runways and was a favorite of designer Halston, who said of the model “When she puts on a garment, something marvelous just happens.”

When Naomi retired from the catwalk she became an author, writing 5 best selling books on beauty and health care. She also created a make-up and skincare line that grossed millions of dollars and made the model a staple in the cosmetics bags of Black women everywhere.

I personally remember using the models products when I was a little girl. My Grandmother loved her some Naomi Sims and Fashion Fair cosmetics and I loved playing with them- using lipstick as eyeshadow- something that annoyed my Grandmother to no end- lol.

Naomi was 61 years old…


  1. RIP Naomi Sims & God bless her family.

    Does anyone know the name of her make-up line? As a black model myself, I am finding that when I go on photo shoots R when I did runway, the make-up artist won’t have make-up for the black models. They look at me with a dumb look & say, “Oh, did you bring your own make-up? We really don’t have anything to match your complexion. Sorry.”

  2. Her makeup line use to be called Naomi Simms. I don’t know if it still goes by that. I think she was the first model ever to start her own makeup line.

  3. Before Naomi Campbell, before Tyra Banks, there was Naomi Sims. RIP.

  4. RIP. I don’t know much about her. But what I know is she paved a way for the rest and she deserves respect.

    @ Prettylady818

    I agree. This has been a sad year.

  5. No clue who she was until now but wow 61 still seems young wow wow wow. I do hope a lot of major black supermodels out right now will pay proper respects as well. R.I.P.

  6. I had the opportunity in 1987 to introduce Naomi Sims Cosmetic line at The Broadway in Carson, California. I also had the opportunity to met her at this time. She was such a classy, elegant and beautiful lady. She was very down to earth and not full of herself. We have lost a beautiful brown role model Rest in peace

  7. I am sorry to hear of Naomi Sims passing. I love d the way this black woman came into our lives as teen-agers and showed us, what a black woman could do.
    I had pictures of her all over my room. As a teenager this was the person I wanted to be. This is a sad day if our young people don’t know who she is!!!

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