Naomi Walks The Runway For Charity

Naomi Model Naomi Campbell, who just turned 37 this year, walked the catwalk in Milan over the weekend and put her younger, skinnier rivals to shame. Sporting an emerald sequined swimsuit, Naomi took the catwalk to the tune of “It began In Africa”, by the Chemical Brothers, which kicked off the Miss Bikini Luxe 2008 Spring-Summer Collection. Naomi however, was not just in Milan to walk the runway and show off the fabulous figure that made her famous, she was also there in support of her charity, Fashion for Relief, which says it has already given away over a million dollars in support of Hurricane Katrina victims.

Fashion for Relief, in conjunction with Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini, are also auctioning off 150 bikinis and cocktail dresses to sell on the charity’s Web site to gather funds for the victims of Britain’s worst flood in 60 years, which caused billions of dollars in damage and drove thousands from their homes.

To learn more about Fashion for Relief you can check out Naomi’s official website and more pics from the catwalk can be seen below.



  1. Love her look! I respect her even more for keeping her African features. She just needs to work on the attitude.

    Take note Tyra!

  2. Wow, Naomi has some killa legs and booty, lol! Atleast it’s for a very good cause. She has always been my favorite supermodel, when she walks the runway or in a room she just commands attention. A&F items probably cost an arm and leg.

  3. Noami is fab. She hasn’t aged once bit. Black don’t crack. What a blessing for us.

  4. wow! she looks awesome in that first pic! she’s such a classic! THAT is a model, not those vacant looking waifs that look ready to keel over

  5. She looks good for her age, but I don’t care for her body shape at all! YUCK! But I do give her respect for being a black women ruling the modeling world!

  6. Those legs! She is beautiful. It’s nice that she’s raising money for a worthy cause too.

  7. WOW! She’s just gorgeous! Mean as a snake and she WILL bounce a celly off your forehead, but lovely as the day is long!

  8. At certain angles and at certain times she looks okay but too me she is too skinny and boyish looking. Tyra was the perfect model to me. Tall, slim, yet very shapely. She had full breasts, hips and a butt. Her lips however are perfect and no one can touch her walk.

  9. Naomi is so iconic…. she’s the original black SUPERMODEL in the arena. She got her own gorgeous walk style which anyone cannot touch. She’s unbeatable in Modelling world. She’s the QUEEN & DIVA of High Fashion Modelling. She’s on Top of all models.

  10. Tyra take notes from Naomi? A woman who when she gets upset throws a fit like a tired 5 year old? :loser: :noway: No, Naomi should take note of Tyra, a woman who made $18million last year RUNNING HER OWN BUSINESS, not representing someone else’s…and didn’t throw a thing the whole time. :thumbsup: :bowdown:

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