Naomie Harris: A Bond Girl?

Is actress Naomie Harris about to become a Bond Girl? Well if News of the World and Shadow & Act are correct in their reporting- the answer is yes.

Naomie, best known for her role in the bigscreen adaptation of ‘Miami Vice’ and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, was reportedly offered a role in the 23rd installment of the James Bond series.

A spokesperson for Eon Productions confirmed that Harris had been offered the role of a character described as “Daniel Craig’s [Bond] sexy sidekick,” but declined to say much else about the part or whether Naomi had even accepted the role.

Should Harris take on the part, she will be the fifth brown sista to play a Bond Girl. Trina Parks played Thumper in ‘Diamonds Are Forever (1971),’ Gloria Hendry played Rosie Carver in ‘Live and Let Die (1973),’ Grace Jones played May Day in ‘A view to a Kill (1985)’ and Halle Berry played Jinx Johnson in ‘Die Another Day (2002).’


  1. Good to see a fellow Black British girl doing well.

    Bond only has black females because in England the movie industry is more open and inclusive in their standard of beauty.

    I wonder if we will ever see a black girl in the bourne identity, LOL, that would be the day.

    Anyway, Naomie is a great actress and very pretty. She is one of our black national treasures.

  2. I thought that was Lisa Bonet. Good luck and cnogratulations.

  3. I love her! So happy to hear this news.

    She is supremely underused. Her talent is great!


    Don’t you go talkin’ about Jason Bourne up in here. I heart him so much! #4 is coming (#4 Bourne movie) and I think Jeremy Renner is rumored to star? No more Matt Damon 🙁 Love those films though. 🙂

  4. naomi harris is a bad black actress. i totally love her in everything she does. in pirates of the carribbean- she was adorable with sexy johnny depp. wonder why they didn’t really go into detail about their characters past, but it appeared as if they had something going on. she was good in the ninja assasin; as the detective being protected by the ninja.

    so she would be great as the bond girl. i love the fact that she always depict women and especially black women as real people, not some caricature you would see on BET or black films.

  5. wonder why they didn’t really go into detail about their characters past

    I thought they did with the second feature? Wasn’t she Davey Jones’s girl or something? I need to watch those flicks again. Don’t normally do pirate movies but I liked those 🙂

  6. she was davey jones girl, but there was a scene, in which johnny depp was like, oh you’re a macomb, i’m sure the night was memorable, or somethign along that line. and when william turner was 1st introduced to her character, she was like, likey likey, or lickey lickey, and johnny depp was like no likey likey.

  7. She is a pretty decent actress so, Yeah i could see her as a bond Girl 🙂

  8. yes, she should take the role and we must continue to support our fellow black women celebrities


    Continue supporting!

  9. That’s great for her we need to see more “brown” girls on the big screen. Black Actresses seem to be fading in Hollywood.

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