Vanity 6 Movie In The Works

Does the world really need a movie about 80’s pop group Vanity6? Well, someone obviously thinks so because a made for TV movie about the group is apparently already in the works. The brain child of singer Prince, Vanity 6 was suppose to be the singer’s answer to Rick James’ Mary Jane Girls (read up on the rivalry here). The group put out one album, Vanity 6, that went on to produce the hit single “Nasty Girl.” However, lead singer Vanity (Denise Matthews) left the group and was later replaced by Appolonia Kotero.

Check out the press release below…

“Today, you can still hear their hit song on Top 40 radio and in nightclubs throughout the world. In 1982, the explicitness of Vanity 6 caused many a mother to cringe as their young daughters emulated Vanity, Brenda, or Susan in their bedroom mirrors; however, Vanity 6 lives on in the hearts and memories of steadfast fans and is the genesis of many of the girl groups that captivate the youth of today.

“V6” is a made-for-television motion picture in the making that is based on the lives and times of the famed trio. The film is now being produced for a cable television network and is in its development stage. “V6″ promises to produce a genuine look behind the purple curtain at the bold women who emanated confident sensuality and rocked the stage in revealing lingerie before any other act dared. These women breathed life into the fantastical imagery lurking in the minds of men and their collective chronicle is filled with the brand of drama you would anticipate from a pop iconic group with the musician Prince as their headmaster.”

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  1. Well at least they`re saving themselves the embarrassment of a flop at the theatres, because that`s exactly what this would be. However, I`ll keep it real. As a young teen when they were on the scene they definitely got my blood boiling; Vanity was my fantasy..

    But honestly, they had no real talent, they were just eye candy with a sensual/sexual image. I`ll also keep it real when I admit that I bought their album on cassette tape back in the day..I`m just sayin`. Yep, as a male, “Nasty Girl” was the one that did it for me. However, we all can do without a movie.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4ever!!! RIP, “MASTER SHOWMAN”.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Malcolm X

  2. Oh TOY, how old are you? Oh my gosh Vanity 6 and Nasty Girl were the ish back in the day.

  3. I think it would be better to see Vanity 6 featured on TVONE’s Unsung series rather than a TV movie.

  4. I agree val. they would be better highlighted through unsung. but since it will be on a cable anyway, it is ok. by the way, i love vanity 6 and brought albums with vanity and appolonia in the lead. and i bought vanity’s solo album. still love it.

  5. @CHRISTINE I think I am still considered a baby. LOL. I’m 25 which makes be an 80’s. LOL. So yes, I was still in diapers with not a worry in the world. LOL. Now I have to look up V6 music and get put on to them. LOL.

  6. Hmm, no real talent, just eye candy with a sexual image? Well, that’s most of what we have today, and I guess groups like Vanity 6 were the forerunners for – I won’t call any names, okay?

  7. This would be good if it is done right … that first album that they did is SO funky.

  8. OMG I love love love Vanity, she is a very beautiful woman. Her story in itself is worth a movie. Would it do well, I think so if done right. Hell I never heard of “The Dells” but “The Five Heartbeats” was the ish. I am still waiting on the DeBarge movie. True 80’s baby!

  9. To add: with the lack of roles in Hollywood can we really afford to turn our noises up at a Vanity biopic?

  10. Yeeeah, ok. I was 2 when they were hot, so I won’t be itching to see this movie…

  11. Vanity (Denise) tells a riveting story of her life of success and sin on Christian programs. They helped create what we see today, Vanity says they were doing it, (wearing lingerie) even before Madonna. Everybody has a story and as Toni Morrison says, “people are interesting”…if this story is told from Vanity’s narrative, it should be good!

  12. I only remember that lady that played in Last Dragon. I think she was part of the group.

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