Naturi Naughton On Her Sexy ‘Power’ Role


If you have been following the success of Naturi Naughton’s original drama “Power” on Starz, then you know the show has been renewed for a second season after airing just one episode.

The gritty nighclub/gansta flick co-stars former “Being Mary Jane” actor Omari Hardwick and is definitely of the mature nature.

Naturi, no stranger to taking it off on screen, recently spoke about her character (Tasha St. Patrick) and the explicit nature of many of her scenes, saying the nudity and sexuality in the show were needed because “they propel the storyline.”

NATURI NAUGHTON SEXY POWER ROLE 2 “Tasha St. Patrick is a very edgy character,” Naturi recently told Zap2It. “She knows confidence and sexuality are a part of her power and she isn’t afraid to use it. The nudity and sexuality my character displays are needed to propel her storyline. The way she uses her sexiness to keep the men in her life in line is a part of character profile and needs to be shown and explored.”

Rapper 50 Cent, who acts as one of the show’s executive producers, mimics Naturi’s statements, saying “Tasha uses sex to control men, the same way men use money to control women. She was written to be real.”

50 goes on to say he handpicked Naturi for the role, calling her a “believable around the way kind of girl with phenomenal t!ts.”

On 50, you silver tongue devil, you.


  1. I hate to be the first Negative Nelly up in this post, but I have to be real. The reason I haven’t watched this show is because I could see Naturi’s role for what it was when I saw the previews of it. Naturi is indeed the round the way girl- there from the jump who eventually gets pushed to the side for another chick once her man makes it to the top. In power the other chick is of course a Latina, nothing new in the realm of TV. Naturi’s character is pretty much a whore as she is unfaithful, messing around with her personal driver I believe. So, see all the negative stereotypes in this one black female character? No way, I wasn’t going to support even though I like Naturi and think she would be so much bigger in the black community if she wasn’t dark complected. She is cute and her body is slamming. I wish her the best and hope Power brings her much success. But her character is about 50 rap songs all rolled up into. She’s a no loyalty having black woman who’ll spread her legs for anyone. No shock 50 is behind such a character.

  2. What is it with the declining morals of black female characters on our TVs, Olivia Pope carrying on with a married man, Mary Jane, that new character in Shonda Rhimes’ legal drama, and this character, aarghhh!!
    Maybe it makes for good tv but how long are we going to have black women spreading their legs for ratings.

  3. Let’s be honest, we have never seen black women in these roles before, not on network TV or cable. Neither bothers me personally. I am glad to see sistas getting the chance to branch out and be all things on television, including sexual beings. These are roles we have seen white/other women play. Why not black women as well? Let’s stop bible thumping so hard. Both these characters are good for black actresses. I prefer to watch them as oppose to white women all the damn time. Neither role is bad for black actresses or black women in general. Fat black mammy/best friend characters are what we should be shunning, not sistas showing a lil skin and being sexual, which is a part of being HUMAN. Sex is indeed power for women, which is the media likes to portray us as anything but sexy. We’re always lonely, can do it by ourselves, do-gooders looking for everyone but ourselves. Stop complaining when you see beautiful black women being beautiful and sexual. It’s a good thing for all of us.

  4. Dana, is your avatar rikku from ff x-2?

    Sorry nothing to comment about the show, it’s not my type of viewing.

  5. I watched then turned channel once I saw she’d get left for anything other than a black girl?!

  6. @ Dana & Depth I agree with your statement.
    They made Naturi character Tasha as dumbfounded & materialistic as well as she can’t see her husband Ghost played by Omari Hardwick as nothing more than a big time drug dealer. Naturi friend Lala Anthony is cast as a stereotypical black female role the dumbfounded & materialistic. All the black females on the show are all playing stereotypical roles. They made the Latina female character Angie who is Ghost old girlfriend as a saint. Ghost still in love with Angie after she up & left him without no notice. Every other non black male characters have a woman of his same race but the black male characters. Also all the other races of men who are in the drug trade works among their own race but the black males. Furthermore, Naturi is a pretty female but she is playing a lot of sex characters especially when she was in the short tv series “The Playboy Club, Notorious as Lil Kim, and Power as Tasha.

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