New Alicia Keys Photo Shoot

Alicia Keys Now I’m sure you guys remember the last photo shoot pics I posted of Alicia and how displeased I was with them. I thought they were dull, boring and totally unimaginative. Well someone heard my cries of unhappiness, went back to the drawing board and came up with something ten times better. New pics of Alicia have surfaced, taken by the same photographer, Thierry Legoues, and they are stunning. It’s obvious a team of hair, make-up and stylists were brought in to pull off this shoot and the results are simply gorgeous.

More photos from this shoot can be seen on pages 2 and 3 below.


  1. Yeah they are better but she looks like Lucy Liu in the second oic. :thumbsdown:

  2. why is alicia keys on this site? for a site that is labeled brownsista you sure as heck don’t see alot of ’em

  3. chick looks stunning! :bowdown: why isn’t alicia a category? she’s outsold rihanna and beyonce! and she’s just as beautiful!

  4. Black women are never happy no matter what you try to give them. This is a nice site that supports Black women but someone is either complaining the women being supported are too light or too dark. Complain, complain complain, that is all y’all do. Now we have fools running up in here demanding everybody and their mama have a category. If you want an Alicia or Ciara category go create your own damn blogs and give them one. Either love this site or leave it cause I am tired of listening to you broads complain.

  5. :stop: Black As Night. You ain’t right. Alicia has just as much right to be blogged about as India.Arie as Jill Scott as Angela Bassett as Meagan Good as Beyonce.

  6. BlackAsNight

    Brownsista encompasses all black women and black women come in all hues. Everyone can’t be black as night as you are and obviously its caused you to have a ugly attitude.

  7. :stop: where is the ALICIA KEYS & CIARA categories

    brownsista is a :hater:

  8. And when Jill, India or any other dark sista does get blogged about the ones complaining don’t say a word. But the minute Beyonce go up or Rihanna, those who claim to dislike them the most be the first to run in to post. And as for people only praising the light girls I don’t think that is true. As the post author said she hated the other pics of Alicia and also can’t seem to stand those Rihanna Rocawear ads. So if their is bias it is on you alls part and not that of the blogger who is herself a brown skin sista. And these photos are more interesting than the other ones posted. These look professional whereas the others looked like they were taken in her basement.

  9. “Brownsista encompasses all black women and black women come in all hues. Everyone can’t be black as night as you are and obviously its caused you to have a ugly attitude”

    “black women come in all shades”, you wouldn’t know that we did with the constant blogging of Rihanna, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. You’d think all black women were light.

  10. I was thinking this site was going to feature more “brown” sistas..but no, the same ol redbone being featured right after another. Lightskin women hijack every damn thing

  11. I am a light skinned woman and I kind of agree with BlackAsNight, there really isn’t enough chocolate sistas. Most of the post are of Beyonce and Rhianna. Once in a while they may say something about Gabriel Union-however we don’t hijack every damn thing. :brownsista:

  12. WHAT THE H.E.L.L.?? This again??

    I could have sworn I saw Janet, Jill Scott, Foxy Brown, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Gabby Union (football wives Tv series), Megan Good, Ashanti (King), Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan, all of them this week on Brownsista. Nothig but brown and dark sistas. The only reason Rih, Bee and AK are being posted so much is because they’re promoting something, clothing line/phone/perfume or album and promoting hard. Lightskinned sistas are still sistas. I am not even lightskinned and I don’t see the problem. I see beauty in all of these women, and the more we complain about “light skinned people being perceived as better looking” the more we keep this bullsh*t alive. If you want the skin complex to disappear stop focusing on it, or at least do or say something constructive about the issue, something that will make a difference. This sounds like a lightskinned vs darkskinned war and this will only makes the problem worse. And if one of them deserves to be there it has to be AK, as much as some complain, she cares more about her darkskinned people than most darkskinned celebs themselves. She’s only 26 yet she’s fighting AIDS in Africa, is involved in Bill Clinton’s CGI’s organisation, is part of a sorority, bigging up her Brothers in “Brotha” with Angie Stone (remix) and her sisters in “Superwoman”. Lauryn Hill, Iman, Liyah Kebede, Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington (L’Oreal chose her), Tomiko Frasier are all considered some of the prettiest women that ever walked this planet, and they’re dark and brown. Black people have a tendency to bring up the lightskinned/darkskinned issue when there’s no reason to bring it up, and talk about it in a divisive way, not in a constructive way. The moment you feel beautiful, no matter your shade, others will perceive it and embrace your beauty. That’s why some of the prettiest people turn people off, and that’s why Mo’Nique has the fine a.z.z man she has now. Quit complaining (and that is for the men with complexes too), if you want things to change start with yourself, cause if you ain’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    How many sites show love to black women of all shades, ages and places like this site does? If you wanna share ideas, do that respectfully cause this ain’t you site. And if you really disike this site so much, leave it alone and start your own. Brownsista is doing a great job as far as I’m concerned.

  13. She looks nice, I like her style and her music she is very talented and unique………………she is real talent!!!!

  14. Chante,

    Darkskin women still don’t get enough props. Yeah Foxy is on this site, but no one talks about how pretty she is like EVER. But everytime you open up a Alica, Beyonce, Rihanna or (whatever lightskin celeb) the compliments are endless. I was peeping in the Kelly Rowland thread, and poeple were dissatisfied with her and saying she looks “boring” and how her career is “dead”.

    It’s even worse when you look on sites where most of the posters/bloggers are AFrican American males. If you want to know which color is truly preferred I suggest you go to, and see how many black males are over there worshipping lightskin/mixed race looking women. It makes me ashamed to be black

  15. I personally consider brown sista to mean SISTAS no matter what shade shape or size Alicia has the same right to posted as any other black women bcuz if thats the case Beyonce, Rihanna or any other lightskinned or mixed sista shouldn’t :hater: :stop: dark women are just as sexy as light women that is so played out only immature people look at stupid stuff like that if your beautiful then your beautiful no matter what color I’m darkskinned and I am sexy as hell I wouldn’t trade for nothing I look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance2: :lol2: some people are just funny!

  16. @ BlackAsNight, people are negative about Foxy because she is negative herself. People keep dissing Beyonce day in and day out everywhere on the internet. Alicia and Rihanna don’t get much hate, but neither do Gabby Union or Kerry Washington. People found Kelly Rowland boring because that’s what she is, just like Cassie is damn boring and people say that too. The bottomline is this site represents ALL SHADES, that’s what they’re supposed to do, they are not responsible for their readers’ opinions.

    As for the males worshipping lightskinned women, I’m aware of this issue but look at what you said in the end, it makes you ashamed to be black? If you don’t love yourself then who will?? I don’t care who worships what, nobody’s gonna make me feel ashamed of myself because of their complexes and self-hating tendencies. It is sad, but being divisive won’t make things better. It is not Alicia and Beyonce’s fault that these men think like that, them “self-haters” have issues, so don’t be mad at AK, Bee or Brownsista for this, discriminating against lightskinned people is just as bad as discriminating against darkskinned people, they’re still black people, and as I said this site is doing the job it is supposed to do.

  17. Blacksista,

    Don’t define your beauty by what a few black IDIOTS on allhiphop have to say. They don’t speak for ALL black males.

    In Alicia Keys’ case (and I’m ready for the backlash) I agree that people are quick to say she’s beautiful because of her light skin and long wavy hair. But if she was of a darker shade I don’t think she would be recognized as “beautiful”

    I am not trying to be mean (but I’m ready for the backlash). She has a dead or lazy eye, she has really bad skin (yes without all of that concealer and foundation), she has a big nose (that might be construed as ugly on a darker female) and she is shaped funny (one snicker’s bar away from looking like Miss Piggy).

    Once again, I’m not trying to be mean. For all of you who think she’s beautiful (and before you chastize me) darken her skintone (using photoshop) and add an afro or braids and tell me what you really think of her (be honest with yourself) :brownsista:

  18. Alicia Looks So beautiful. I LOVE The 2nd Flick. Beautiful Black Woman !! :brownsista:

  19. @ Des,

    Darken her skin, give her a mole on the corner of her chin, widen her nose, do whatever the hell and I will still call her beautiful. I wasn’t even gonna address that aspect of the comments, but I had to say something. I remember reading this article in Newsweek or some magazine years back and it discussed true beauty. Their bases didn’t mention skin color, hair texture, eye color, none of that, rather they summed it up with Symmetry. Split any face down the middle; if the sides are symmetrical, you are more than likely looking at a beautiful/handsome face. 😆 Seriously, think about it! But I get that it’s all up to personal preference and yes, I think we all know that these celebs are blessed with the best pounds of makeup and photoshop (and in some cases surgery) but still, good alignment is good alignment (coming from an artist); composition and symmetry are great things…even on faces of celebs who may or may not suffer from acne and may or may not endorse acne products from time to time. 😆 Also, I think beauty has something to do with damn good bone structure. Take away the makeup, the coverup and I bet you her cheekbones would still pop in the right light, the expansiveness of her nose, her forehead, her chin. What’s underneath helps make up the ‘beauty’ too.

    Visit this site:

    It’s not my site, but it highlights Black women (singers and actors) of various shades and hues and sizes, etc. We are all beautiful. Let us remember that. :brownsista:

    Oh, great images of Alicia, by the way. 🙂

  20. alicia is not black and why yall cant put lil mo on here she has a new album

  21. The second picture is probably the most fierce pic I’ve ever seen of Alicia, she looks stunning!

  22. Blackasnight, you are doing a lot of complaining about blowing up dark skinned sisters but I havent seen you post anything for Janet or Foxy Brown. They both have updates on the homepage. You would rather come on site’s of Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia and complain. Why do everyone complain about other sisters not getting enough attention. It’s because people like you dont give them attention. I always notice that stories about Bee always have double the amount of blogs then any other artist. That is why she is hot. If you support the dark sistas then DO THAT and stop coming on other sites and complaining. That is just like me complaining to MTV about not having Afri Amer shows but do not watching BET.

  23. Oh yeah Tray,

    Lil Mo’s CD is bananas! I am listening to it right now! Support your girl, R&B to its core.

  24. Madame Zenobia, thank you for the link to that site. There’s so much info, magazine scans, etc on it.

  25. Madame Z,

    Unfortunately most people don’t focus on symmetry and bone structure, etc., etc :confused:

    They focus on hair texture, skin color, weight and small vs big features. That is why debates like this will continue on in every generation. The damage has been done :brownsista:

  26. Alicia Keys is showing a little more skin these days. I hope she stays a true artist. beautiful pics.

  27. a.keys, rhianna and beyonce are all sucessful artists on a worldwide level thats why they on so many front covers there are many darker skinned sistas who are also equally as beautiful but probably not as commercially sucsessful. People are negative about foxy beacuse she is UGLY!! she has nothing on the likes of megan fox or gabby union naomi campbell. As a dark skinned woman i would like to see more of us on front covers but I am never gonna hate on light skinned women as i love to see black women being recognised as beatiful and gracing magazine covers instead of the typical blone haired blue eyed female.


  29. I don’t care what anyone says, I love Alicia, her music and her style. Bet your ass I’ll be there on November 13th to cop her new album, AK always releases her hot stuff on Tuesdays. :hater:

  30. We do support our brown and dark skin sistas. But it is the media that puts more focus on the light skin sistas. The 80’s focused on Vanessa Williams and Jasmine Guy, the 90’s loved Halle Berry and the this generation only seems to focus on Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. Back in the day it was Josephine Baker and Lena Horne. Why because they are light skinned women with beautiful features. It is the truth and lots of people don’t want to confront it because it is such a sensitive subject.

    Everybody knows the reason Beyonce is the current “it” girl at the moment. White America loves this girl’s features. If Kelly Rowland was in Beyonce’s shoes, I guarantee she would not have a quarter of the success and the endorsement deals that Ms. Bey has. Mary J has been in the business for almost sixteen years putting out hit after hit. She doesn’t get even get a quarter of the attention and endorsements that Beyonce and now Rihanna are getting.

  31. @ Des,

    Yeah, I know most folks don’t focus on symmetry. I just thought the article was very interesting. We are drawn to beauty and usually that beauty is symmetrical (or not) 😆 Peace and blessings .

  32. Alicia is gorgeous and this come from a dark sister that all jealousioe thingy aint me ima tell it like it is she is stunning and the thing is she doesnt wear heavy make up or heavy weaves whatever she does is really ligth so you can enjoy her natural beauty and what a voice?…… i love her

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