New ANTM Promo Video by Tyra

With cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model set to air on February 23rd, host Tyra Banks has taped a hilarious promo skit that lampoons some of the worst type of contestants to appear on the show. From the country bumpkin to the ghetto-girl-with attitude- Tyra spares no one.


  1. That was good! I just might watch the new season…I had stopped watching…too much reality tv and the cat fights, got on my nerves and this is what competition can breed.

    I love seeing former contestants working! I see them everywhere…the model who kinda looks like or reminds you of Iman…she’s getting serious work…her print work is stunning! So kudos to Tyra, like Tyler Perry, they’re helping black people to work in industries where the chances are very slim of even getting a foot in the door! Tyra is seriously helping to make some dreams come true!

  2. i ove “i’m not a cookie cutter, i cut the cookies…and i’ll cut you” ha!

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