New Artist Alert: Auburn

Brown Sista is pleased to introduce Auburn, an 18 year old singer/songwriter who was discovered by producer Jonathan “JR” Rotem. Also known by the name “Gabby G,” the St. Paul native is set to release her first major album under Rotem’s Beluga Heights label.

Auburn’s first single is “La La La” and it was penned by labelmate Iyaz and produced by Rotem himself.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


  1. I don’t know if i like the song But i do like her voice, Thank you Brownsista for introducing us to new music, and artist i’m tired of radio and be sure that i will always listen and comment unlike some other hypocrites who claim to be tired of such and such but won’t open the door to other artists.

  2. This song sounds so familiar…that is to say, so much like all the other stuff out there. I do wish her well. Can’t really gauge her voice as it’s ‘tuned’. The kiddos will like it. 🙂

  3. hmm….this sounds like something may have almost made a Rihanna album. Not feeling it

  4. I like her voice…nice song, even though, it sounds like Rihanna…and a bit of Akon…

    Off topic:

    Just when I was thinking maybe, it was over for new artists to be really creative and from a pure place…I bought…Janelle Monae, Esperanza Spaulding and Kelis…WOW!!!

    Janelle is beyond talented and her vocals are pristine, creativity, exceptional…I didn’t expect as much, she should be experiencing what Amy Winehouse experienced…Esperanza is phenomenal, jazzy, brezzy, brazillian beats…Kelis knocked it out of the park from the dance floor!

    I hope this young artist, follow in these ladies footsteps in terms of originality…I know the commercial appeal is necessary…might as well, because even crap ain’t selling like it used to!

    Go Auburn, looking to hear more…love the vocals!

  5. If this girl ever makes it quite big, she will be hated on.

    if Janelle Monae went really big, and influenced a lot of upcoming or normal artists and went on to become an icon – people will hate on her. because ya’ll love hearing stuff from people that dont seem to be doing any better than you!!!!

    on that note, i do like janelle monae, but the stuff she sings about, i;ve heard before form both commercial and so called deep artists!!!!

  6. @ CYNTHINIA, I haven’t purchased Esperanza yet, but I’ve been watching Youtubes and I love her. Kelis is amazing and so underrated; she just is. Love the albume. And Janelle’s record is one of THE BEST albums of the past year/two years. It is absolutely AMAZING! I love her!

  7. Thanks for brining attention to a new artist. I don’t love the cut but I appreciate the effort!

  8. Not my style but it seems she can sing.

    Thanks for shedding some light on new artist. It’s a jungle out there. Or should I say a desert.

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