New ‘Being Mary Jane’ Promo


With BET’s original series ‘Being Mary Jane’ set to officially hit the airwaves on Tuesday, January 7th, the network is gradually starting to step up their promo. Last month they released two new video clips. This month brings the official promo video, which features actress Gabrielle Union frolicking around naked in a bathtub covered only by post-its.

Gabrielle, who auditioned for ABC’s ‘Scandal,’ but lost out to actress Kerry Washington, called the series the best thing that ever happened to her, saying the character of Mary Jane Paul spoke to her and the plight of all black women attempting to balance complicated personal and professional relationships.

When the pilot aired back in July it drew just over four million viewers, huge numbers for any cable network show. No doubt BET is hoping to recreate the magic when it pairs ‘Being Mary Jane’ alongside ‘The Game’ and ‘Let’s Stay Together.’

Gabrielle is also covering the latest issue of Essence magazine. I think this is her 7th cover. She is quickly catching up to Mary J. Blige, who I believe has 10.

And here Gabby is last month on the ‘Being Mary Jane’ set, prepping for the video shoot with make-up artist Sam Fine.


  1. I like Gabby per se but all her roles seem stagnant in diversity.. The same script, Being confused about herself and what love is..but bcuz I’m successful and middle aged, that alone should make it okay..,well is kinda a drab.

  2. The only reason I do not like Scandal is because I dont like and have never liked Kerry. Her lisp is something that just grates on my nerve, like someone sucking their teeth all the time or doing something else irritating. It’s not her fault but I just cant deal with it.

    I’d be watching it with bells on if beautiful Gabby was on the show.

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