New Beyonce Music is Coming Soon

When she’s not wowing crowds on her sold out Mrs. Carter World Tour, Beyonce is busy shooting videos and putting the finishing touches on her fifth solo album, reportedly set for a December 2013 release.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Columbia CEO Rob Stringer alluded to two big albums being released in December by women. Because her new single is already out, he readily admitted one of those albums was by Celine Dion. When asked if the other was Beyonce, Stringer declined to comment, but said new music from the unnaned album/artist would most likely arrive in December.

Now, because new music from the singer has been rumored to arrive any day now, for almost a year, fans should probably take this news with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on some newly released shots of the singer taken by photographers Herring & Herring. Several are featured in Beyonce’s official 2014 calendar.


  1. I’m ready for her to release this single and for this ball to start rolling! And she looks beautiful in the pics

  2. December/the holiday season is a good time to release. Gifts for fam/friends. Her calendar pics are good.

  3. Releasing this time of year will definitely give her a sales bump. At the same time, with increased competition, she risks not debuting at #1 which I am sure is what she and her label want.

  4. I like Beyonce but I don’t miss her. I still have “4” on regular rotation. Plus their are so many R&B singers that are putting out good music I really don’t see where she fit. But of course the nakedness, body thrusting, hair and make up, propaganda, constant spins on the radio and her name alone will be all she needs to propel her career into another galaxy. I will just have to wait and see which way she goes…

  5. Nice pics, & I think I know what she may be doing, what Jay did with his last album which was very smart. I think many ESTABLISHED artist are going to start putting out one single extremely close to the release date, or no single at all and ‘make’ curious fans or inbetweeners go buy the album so they can see for themselves what the new music is like. If I were an established artist that’s what I’d do or try to push to the label.

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