New Brandy Single “Dig This”

Brandy Musically, R n’ B singer Brandy Norwood has been pretty quiet these last few years. In light of her legal woes stemming from the 2006 accident in which a woman was killed, we pretty much understand why Brandy hasn’t found much time to record new music. Things however may be looking up for the singer as her legal troubles are behind her and new tracks from her as yet untitled album, have slowly but surely made their way onto the internet. The most recent track to be leaked to the net is “Dig This”, a song that will appear on the soundtrack to Tyler Perry’s new movie, “Meet The Browns” . Click here to listen to the new single and look for the soundtrack to hit record store shelves next week and “Meet The Browns” hits theaters across the country on the 21st.


  1. I like it, surprisingly enough. The lyrics are kind of boring and generic, but all in all it’s pleasant to listen to. It’s a calm playlist song. I really haven’t liked her as much since her voice changed to me, but it sounds like it has that old edge she had. Good for her!

  2. Not feeling it. Brandy needs to make up with Rodney Jerkins.

  3. I’m glad she’s back. This song is just worthy of being an album filler though.


  5. Love Brandy and happy that she is back……so adding this to my blog, and of course giving credit to…

  6. I Like Brandy, I Loved “Afrodisiac”. This song is ok.

  7. Love her voice. I won’t be too harsh on the lyrics because they ARE for a movie. Welcome back BRocka!!

  8. omg, i LOVE the bridge on this song

    “if you’ve got something to say, there’s no need to wait…if it hits ya like that, then its real like that…stop with those games” —she sang the mess outta that part!

    Love her…i know this is just a lil taste of whats to come…can’t wait for the album

  9. It sounds more like Kelly Rowland. I guess it’s cool for a sdtrk though. 🙄

  10. I LOVE Brandy. The song is ok, but it is refreshing to hear her voice. I hope to see a come back soon. Brandy is underated.

  11. i like it … i’ll beyonce( shove it down my throat) the song until i love it

  12. this song is really nice. i love the intro, outro. her voice is really unique…her harmonies are beautiful. not very many singers can sing their own background vocals, let alone harmonize with their own vocals. that says a lot about her range and ear for great harmonies. she’s like a trio girl group in one, lol. her voice might not be a powerhouse like Beyonce or Christina, but it’s a nice alto.

  13. ^^^^ Beyonce doesn’t have a powerhouse voice, it’s very pop but not powerhouse~ Goodluck Brandy~

  14. I found the song boring. it doesnt instantly grab me like B’s past songs.
    I dont want it beyonced ( :lol2:) as voice @ 8pm on 12mar said.

  15. I know christina has a power voice and that’s about it
    brandy has a soft voice and i think now a day a good hook ,or catchy dance moves can get you the fame you want its all about who you work with and wich audience you are targetting

  16. That isnt it. Xtina can hit hi notes AND has a powerful soul below. I didnt go 2 her concert but I heard she danced.
    Brandy’s voice is ok on her past songs. This song sucks. Perhaps it will grow on me but right now it sux.
    So who is B working w? Is she still on Atl Records? Who is she targeting ? W her voice I see her tryna get AC hits. She is comparable to Toni Braxton(but of course Toni’s voice is stronger).
    [quote comment=”23035″]I know christina has a power voice and that’s about it
    brandy has a soft voice and i think now a day a good hook ,or catchy dance moves can get you the fame you want its all about who you work with and wich audience you are targetting[/quote]

  17. I have always liked Brandy and I wish her continued success. This song is nice, not great, but nice. And, she sounds good :banana: GO BRANDY :banana:

  18. Christina is amazing, always has been, always will be. I love those powerful voices, and the girl has had it since she was young. The only thing I see her lacking in is dance, but she’s not terrible. It’s just not her strongpoint or her focus. She’s a singer, and she gives the mic hell when she’s onstage, too. She’s one of the few that really puts herself into her work and isn’t afraid take risks in her career regardless of what everyone else thinks. I’m a Christina “Stan” so to speak, just can’t keep it to myself when she gets mentioned.

    But Dirrty was the biggest mistake she ever made.

    Back to Brandy…Moesha comes on Noggin now, along with Fresh Prince. There you go.

  19. @Majesa: The dirrty song or image? The song was actually goof but ppl got so hung up on the vdideo. I liked dirty, fighter, cant hold us, voice w/t…it was really a good cd.

    What does Moesha being on Noggin mean? Fresh Prince is like on 5 channels! TBS, WGN, Nick, Noggin…wow that cast is still getting paif 12yrs later! I am mad @ Will 4 not doing an update\reunion ep. Also he lives in Cali but wont sit 2 anterview 4 FP dvd. Come on Wil!

  20. @lilkunta:

    When I say Dirrty I guess I’m talking about a little bit of both. I didn’t like the song that much and image didn’t accurately portray her or her message to me. Stripped was an amazing CD and every song except Dirrty was well-written, showed her vocal capabilities, and carried some sort of meaning. I think she went to extremes to separate herself from her clean and packaged image but in the process took the focus off of her amazing talents.

    As for Moesha, I was kind of thinking that even though she put her music on hold for a while, she’s still around somewhere on the television! She made those long braids the hot-style. 😆 Fresh Prince, too, although Will Smith doesn’t need the exposure from that old show. I love that guy, he made me cry in the theater watching “I Am Legend”. And when I say cry, I mean tears falling like rain. Cried like a newborn, and I can count on one hand the number of movies I’ve cried over. Can’t blame him for not doing the Fresh Prince thing though, I think he’s said everything he could ever say about that show in hundreds of interviews and life stories.

  21. i luv brandy, she might not be Beyonce or Keisha Cole but she is top of her game. iam so happy that she is in the studio recording. i personally luv her voice and her different sound from the rest. good luck with the future girl hope to see you perform in south africa soon.

  22. I hate people that cannot do more than recognizing a word as far as reading
    I said christina has a power voice that’s about it i meant that whoever else was gaven as an example had no reason to be mentionned and this is not a beyoncé post check the one about “obsessed”

  23. @ladybird: Uh, what game is brandy top of?
    @darksista: Stop hating & think. Was your post clear? Obviously not. Even your 14March 6:16pm isnt a complete thoguth. Be clear !

  24. lilkunta : Hating on you ?because you have aim conversations with god?
    i don’t blame you i should not have even respond to your ignorant butt in the first place

  25. @dar sista : What the hell r u talking about? If u dont have a comment on the topic then get offline & go read a book. Ignorance? Look in the mirror.

  26. :brownsista: love the song good beat nicesong for a ome back :brownsista:

  27. i have been a fan of brandy since the very beginning of her career. she is a very underated singer. her last album afrodisiac is a timeless slept on classic with most of the tracks produced by timbaland as well as some others. brandy is a very talented and a soulful singer who can convey her feelings through her songs. i am loving the new song and i hope that she puts it on her upcoming album. from the previews of the movie, i can tell that this song fits well with its theme.

  28. Again Im gonna have to say “Meh” , the recent songs are just lackluster to me, I feel Brandy has soo much work to do , if she wants to return with a bang , and stay relevent as the other contemporary artist, I mean Ive never been a die hard Brandy fan, but I would like to see her make a comeback, and add some much needed differance in todays monotanous music scene, she alway has a nice texture in her voice to me, and she should have a song that highlights her signature sounds, and a track that can catch on radio, but I dont think this song will do it for her..but what do I know I said the same thing about Flo Rida and “Low” and that was the number 1 song in the counrty for weeks, so I dont know whether to conclude that theres no accounting for good taste or if Brandy should hop on the Tpain train while hes still hot 🙁

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