New Ciara Promo Shots + Video Premiere

According to VEVO they will be premiering new videos this week from Eminem, Lil Wayne and yours truly,Ciara. VEVO doesn’t say which Ciara video they will be debuting but we assume it will be the one for her new single “Gimme Dat.” Photos from the set of that video leaked about two weeks ago. However, word is the singer also taped a video for her single “Speechless,” which is expected to act as a dual follow-up single to Ciara’s slow burner “Ride.” Both tracks have been released to radio but so far it is “Gimme Dat” that has caught fans attentions. Expect the video to possibly do the same as producer (?) Jayson Sanchez, who says he has seen the first cut of the video, tweeted that it was the best work he had seen from a female artist lately.

…and in another bit of CiCi news, two new promo shots from her upcoming “Basic Instinct” album were sent in to us. Like the previous photos, these were taken by the dynamic photography duo of Leupold and Gomillion.


  1. I wish her the best of luck this time around. I know her fans are and have been eagerly awaiting new music and videos/performances from her, so keep on making it do what you do, CiCi!

  2. RT @ConfidentClusiv @Ciara Congrats for having the #1 Album with BASIC INSTINCT in New Zeland.Gimmie that BASS 1
    Everyone knows EUROPE is where the money is. Selling a million CD’s overseas is MAJOR MAJOR MONEY, and she went Gold Overseas with VERY LITTLE PROMOTION AND NO TOUR. Now that’s success. The bottom line for the record company, minus expenses will be HUGE

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