“Misunderstandings” is a dramatic film about a professional woman (Nicole) who walks in on her new fiancé (Rasan) in bed with another woman. Rasan insists it’s a “misunderstanding” and both of their friends collectively ridicule, tease and give very detrimental advice regarding what they should do turning the situation from bad to worse. The more Nicole tries to believe Rasan her efforts are combated with evidence to the contrary which makes them both question the worth and future of their relationship.
The dynamic cast includes leading male actor Walter Maxfield Jones, leading female actress Danita Mischelle with supporting cast Wil “Onix” Lash (VH1’s I Love NY), Victoria “Shaqwanna” Davis (Russ Parr Morning Show), Alex Scott (BET’s Coming To The Stage), Tameika Chavis (HBO’s The Wire), Playboy Magazine model Joy Glass, Napoleon Rogers, Rodney Green, Valeta Sutton and introducing Robyn Wood with additional appearances by Jeannie Jones (Radio One “WKYS” personality), Darnerien McCants (Former NFL player Redskins/Eagles), Kerry Rhodes (NFL – NY Jets), Michael Walton (US Track Star) and others. The story was created by Neeta Wooten, directed by Malik Pollard with original music by Dre Knight and post production at D’Orr Studios, Ideal PR Films has a produced a project it is very proud of.

Watch a preview of the film below.


  1. i’m sorry but it looks wack cuz the conflict ain’t that hard 2 resolve. Man cheats, woman awns the ring and moves on. Plus they said a Playboy model was in it so that just brings the quality down 25 notches.

  2. If you catch your man in bed with another woman what is there to explain? I mean damn, talk about silly. And the sista in this film can’t act to save her life… NEXT !

  3. LOL! Where are those little laughing icons when you need them. LOL!

  4. Can we ever get some real plots in black films. Damn I miss Spike Lee.

  5. Is this foreal? Can someone say straight to $5 bootleg DVD that will have to be sold for 3 for a $1 because no one will even pay $5 dollars for it. Just what the hell is this. What was it filmed with, a webcam?

  6. @ Bee

    I totally agree. Even though I love Tyler Perry all the successful black movies are comedy and drama drama and more drama. It’s not even quality comedy and drama. I want Spike too.

  7. I like the trailer because it seems more realistic than people just doing a good job of acting. And the trailer does not show everything so once the movie comes out, it will be more understandable why she caught him and bed and he felt it was not what it appeared to be. I would love to see this. And I love Spike Lee too. Miracle at St. Anna was his best film in my opinion. It was dramatic, sad, funny at times and at the end, it made you cry. But like the director of this film, we have to begin where we are at. Spike Lee wasn’t always as great as he is now.

  8. LOL at this film. But at least someone’s trying to make a dent in Black features starring Black “actors”.

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