Lala Vazquez Interview

A Word For My SistasCheck out the latest issue of A Word For My Sistas! A Word For My Sistas is now an online magazine with new issues delivered bimonthly. The new issue of A Word For My Sistas features a candid interview with the beautiful Lala Vazquez. The following is an excerpt.

Onetta: The industry you work in places a great emphasis on beauty and body image. You are such a beautiful woman and always appear so confident; but have you ever felt that the way that you look wasn’t good enough?

Lala: I think all women have insecurities when it comes to their bodies. I’m definitely no exception. I have my “good days” and my “bad days.” The important thing is to constantly remind yourself that you are beautiful. Always tell yourself that, even if no one else does. Beauty begins on the inside. Looks will fade, but your core will remain. So place your energy and focus on being beautiful on the inside.

Onetta: Let’s get a little personal. LOL! You and Mr. Carmelo have been holding it down for a while now? What do you love most about Carmelo?

Lala: I love Melo because he has taught me the importance of not taking certain things so seriously. He always has such a calm spirit, even in the face of heavy turmoil. I admire that about him. I’ve learned so much from just watching him in certain situations. But most importantly, he is a great dad to our son Kiyan. I thank God every night for blessing my son with such a great father. Their relationship is awesome!

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  1. I like La La. She seems like a very cool chica. *heads over to finish reading the interview*

  2. who is she-no seriously i neva heard of her in my life- actress?? videogirl? it didn’ts ay

  3. Lala is beautiful, and looks damn good to have kids. i love you girl, but make “Melo” put a ring on it.

  4. So he didnt marry her yet ? I was just about to ask.
    How long have they been engaged ?

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