New Janet Jackson Promo Images

Janet Jackson Promo Images Finally Surface Online

new janet jackson promo imagesIt’s not much, but Janet Jackson fans have finally been given a glimpse at this era’s first set of promo images, thanks in part to an article written about the singer in the UK’s Metro newspaper.

The two new images feature a fully clothed Janet sporting long curly hair and lots of bulky jewelry. The look reminds me of the singer’s Janet era, with hints of the Discipline and 20 Y.O. era thrown in.

Janet’s new look was lensed by her longtime creative collaborator Yu Tsai, and if I am correct, he’s actually seen in one of the photos with the pop diva.

Janet’s Unbreakable tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada on August 31 and has been extended well into 2016 with recent new dates added in both the U.S. and Japan.

As for the singer’s album, there has been a lot of speculation about its name and release date, though neither has been confirmed by Janet herself. She once again took to Twitter earlier this week to let fans know they need not listen to gossip because she herself will tell all when the time is right.

While we wait for Janet to spill all the goodies, you can click the thumbnail above to check out the images Metro posted in their paper. It’s not the best quality scan, but it’ll do for a fandom that is thirsty for any news on their idol.
Update: Janet just unveiled a snippet of a new single called The Great Forever. Check it out below and don’t forget to let us know what you think.


  1. Janet looks damn good. She has a different kind of aura about her these days, its very ethereal. As far as the song, I will wait until I hear the whole song to pass judgement. Its not something I was hoping for but the snippet is cute. I had a feeling that since Janet has been gone from the spotlight living in Dubai that her musical perspective would change…I guess I forget about that silky sexy dance song that will give me my everlasting life. This is a changed woman and I can dig it.

    p.s. I cant with some of her fans saying that the song is dated, I knew that would be the case when I heard that Jimmy and Terry were on board. I remember her fans being ecstatic about that news, but now its a problem. OH OKAY!

  2. Janet is flawless and I’m sure this song is not a single but an album track. And at this point Janet could make an album of Negro spirituals if she wanted she is a Legend she can make the music she wants.

  3. Janet looks amazing. I love her grown up look. She looks grown and sexy. Confident in herself. No need to try to take it off and be salacious in order to hang with the youngins.

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