New Janet Jackson Promo Shot

Janet Jackson So as expected, the first promo shot from Janet Jackson’s as yet untitled CD has surfaced and it’s…. okay. As you can see to your right, not much of Janet is actually seen and is it me or does the pic look like it could just as easily be Tyra Banks? I am loving the bone straight hair though and the outfit is pretty cute too- it’s sexy without being too over the top. As you guys know, Janet’s new single “Feedback” was leaked to the internet yesterday and so far feedback from “Feedback” has been phenomenal. Pop radio stations across the country are already playing the single, with the largest of them all, New York’s Z-100, playing the single every hour on the hour and streaming it live from their website all day.

Btw, I think this image will serve as the cover shot for the Feedback single. Below you can check out the original before I edited it.


  1. Janet looks HOTT.. No way she’s about to hit 42 in a few months! Yeah I heard they have been killing the single all around the country. This single will definitely go down as one of JJ’s BIGGEST!!

  2. She really does look like similar Tyra. That wig has been putting some time in, I’ll say that. It makes its rounds. Janet is definitely in shape if the picture tells no lies, and I like the outfit. It’s simple, but it works. Video, Video, Video.

  3. [quote comment=”17449″]She really does look like similar Tyra. That wig has been putting some time in.[/quote]Dead :lol2:

    That wig does get around.

  4. I hate Tyra’s wig. I like HER but hate the wig. I know not much of Janet is showing but that is good b/c people are always talking about how she is half dressed. I don’t want them talking about my girl this time :thumbsup: . She still looks beautiful and my brother is STILL crazy about her 😀

  5. Well, I think Janet looks great. I didn’t like the song at first, but I’m soft when it comes to Janet. So like I said before, I’ll give my final ratings once I see a video or performance. Chances are she’ll win me over, even with the weird one-liners in the song. As always, I’m pulling for Janet.

    She dropped all of that weight off. She has some serious discipline when it comes to diet and exercise. :bowdown:

  6. Where are ya’ll seeing’ “Tyra” in this image? 🙁 I see Janet with sparkly pants on 😆 I love it. Seriously, I heard the single on “Kid Kraddock in the Morning” (out of Dallas) and they were LOVING IT. I loved it, but I said so in the other post lolol I hope this time around will be good for Janet :brownsista: she is a bad bytch!

  7. I love Janet she looks great I really love the hair. I’m glad shes getting a lot of airplay too. I really hope she does well with the new album!!!

  8. Loving the single!!! :brownsista: :dance: Her picture made me put down my muffin. I am definitely heading back to to the track this afternoon. :bowdown: Love you Ms Jackson.
    (With Janet and Erykah putting albums out at the same time is real beautiful thing. Do your thing my Sista’s) :banana:

  9. :dance2: I LOVE IT, its HOT HOTT HOTTT !! COME on Janet, lets get it in 2008 baby !! I LUV HER SOO MUCH & AM soooo excited bout this new song !!! ALBUM — its VIDEO TIME, come hard baby!!!! :dance1:

  10. janet i love the song you are#1 the song is off the chain and you will always be the queen . i don’t know why everyone is always putting you with beyonce ! she is good but she can’t touch you you are bad! bad ! Bad i love you. :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance2: :banana:

  11. wonderful, super chanson
    i love this song so much.
    Janet you are the best.
    merci beaucoup pour ce numéro 1
    love :iagree: :bowdown:
    sa donne trop envie de danser jackson respect :dance1:

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