New Janet Jackson Promo Shot

I know I have you guys overdosing on Janet when you visit this blog- but I gotta show my girl love. Janet is an old school legend who has influenced two generations of female singers like no other performer before her- so when I get new info on the sista I have to share it with the world and such is the case with the new promo shot of Janet sent to me today. This image is featured in the new issue of Billboard that Janet appears on the cover of and rumor is this will be the look showcased on the cover of her “Discipline” CD. I love the new style- it’s a cross between the Janet and Velvet Rope eras- yet it’s still fresh. Plus with everyone obsessed with the “Rihanns Cut”, it’s nice to see Janet once again buck the trend and go for her own style. I’m hoping to see more of this and less of the dark goth look as showcased in her Prestige Magazine photo shoot.



  2. That is soooooo fly and sexy. I know that’s right. Go ‘head girl.


  3. Overodose? You can’t overdose on Janet! I’ll never get tired of her, that’s my girl. Yes I am a stan ( a gentle one). She looks beautiful. Sort of like a dominatrix, hence album name, Discipline!! She is so adorable. I am loving this look and I hope she does well. Thanks Steph!!! :dance:

  4. Dang! Janet is doin the darn thing! That don’t even look like her! Gon girl! :thumbsup:

  5. I like the hair too and it is good to see Janet showcasing her fashion sense rather than her body in these new pics. I really hope this album succeeds cause the song is a banger. :dance:

  6. [quote comment=”19143″]Awe c’mon. You deleted Dominay-Tricks??[/quote]
    No I didn’t delete anything. I am trying to keep out this crazy person who keeps spamming the blog with her dating site links. My spam control is a lil too overzealous though- but I fixed it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You can never over dose on Ms. Jackson. She is so fly. So far, the press and media has been positive for the new single and video. Love the look. She always finds a way to reinvent her look.


  8. Stephanie, PLEASE CONTINUE TO GIVE US UBER-DOSES OF MS. JACKSON! It’s been a dry spell, I think everyone can admit, since we’ve seen her in promotion zone. And I have to discount the “20 Years Old” ‘era’ because that; well, I don’t think it was promoted well at all. Still, I’m loving Janet right now and SO look forward to EVERYTHING to happen for her in 2008!

  9. I’m sorry, I know this is off topic, but I just read on MSN that Oprah Winfrey is getting ready to have her own television network, called OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network. That is MAJOR!!! How come we don’t see that much of Oprah on here? She is the quintessential Brown Sista! :brownsista: Not at all tryin to cause any trouble, just askin! :mrgreen:

  10. Never Too Much Janet! Love the new pic and look and can’t wait for the CD to drop. Her last two albums have both had strong songs particularly Damita Jo but they weren’t promoted or supported. Keep the Janet news coming Stephanie cuz I love finding out what this icon is doing for us l-a-t-e-l-y.

  11. Her head looks too big to be on her body. Hope this wasn’t photo-shopped to death. Otherwise, she looks fabulous.

  12. Her head does look off now that it’s mentioned, but I think it’s just the lighting and the shadows. Beyond that, this picture is okay to me. Looks a little vintage and old style, which isn’t a bad thing but I liked the edge from her darker look more.

  13. Tuesday, January 15, 2008
    New biography reveals three more song titles from Discipline

    A new extended biography that Island Def Jam today began sending out to the media provides the titles of three more songs off of Discipline.

    The newly revealed song titles are “Roller Coaster” (Produced by Rodney Jerkins), “Can’t Be Good” (Produced and Written by Ne-Yo), and “Letchu Go” (Produced by Jermaine Dupri, Written by Jermaine Dupri and Johnta Austin).

    The only other known song titles from the album at this point are “Feedback” and “Discipline,” the latter of which is also revealed to have been written and produced by Ne-Yo.

    The full biography in its entirety:

    A Passion For Discipline

    Sitting across from a roaring fireplace one winter afternoon in Vail, Janet is curled up on a dark leather couch as she discusses the unlikely topic of Discipline, the title of her new album. Beyond the floor-to-ceiling window, long graceful branches of towering trees are heavy with snow. In the distance, a lift carries skiers up an imposing mountain awash in white. Janet’s wearing a midnight-black sweat suit, her hair pulled back to the nape of her neck. Her body language is relaxed and her eyes are smiling. She’s trim, and also a little hoarse, having just fought off a cold. The whisper-quiet texture of her voice adds to the intimacy of the conversation.

    “Discipline has been much on my mind,” she says. “It’s the idea that unifies the songs on this record. As a concept, and even a lifestyle, discipline goes extremely deep. It can be applied to so much about ourselves. In my case, I see it as one of defining aspects of my character. Discipline was there for me from the start. But it was not until this record that I began to understand its full meaning.

    “In putting Discipline out front– as both the title of the album and title of a song about sexual surrender–I wanted to announce that I was venturing into new creative waters. That meant working with producers like Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, and Ne-Yo, whose songs spoke to the immediacy of my emotions. Like all my records, this one, whether intentional or not, has autobiographical roots. It’s difficult for me to work any other way. I don’t feel it, if I don’t believe it, I can’t sing it.

    “So Discipline, as a storyline, begins in my childhood which someone could see as a classic study in discipline. Discipline was part of a family culture that I absorbed. I was born with it.

    “I also believe that discipline has given me the confidence to jump out of the nest. When L.A. Reid, Chairman of Island Def Jam, and I discussed co-executive producing this record, we both agreed that the feeling had to be adventuresome and fresh. I was interested in exploring musical scenarios–some exotic, many erotic, but all deeply emotional. I wanted to push the envelope. And I’m glad that ‘Discipline,’ both as a song and an album, does just that.

    “‘Feedback,’ a Rodney Jerkins production, is a different metaphor that also explores sexual tension. It’s a provocative conversation that invites openness in an area where so many of us are closed off. The same could be said for Rodney’s “Roller Coaster,” a musical ride that reflects that up and downs of romantic/physical agitation and excitement.”

    When asked how her concept of discipline has changed over the years, Janet reaches for her mug of hot tea, takes a sip and pauses several seconds before replying.

    “Well, I guess if I go back to the beginning I see a little girl, 10-years-old, who’s appearing on ‘Good Times’ and sets her own alarm clock to wake up at 5:30 AM in order to be at work by 7. Then I think about a 15-year-old starting to make records. For the next 25 years, she makes an album every two or three years without fail. Going a little deeper, she learns that the music most connected to her heart has a rhythmic and harmonic complexity that requires work. That means hours and hours trying to compose lyrics and melodies that ring true; hours and hours in the studio layering the vocals that contain the different voices she hears inside her head. Then, of course, the months she spends planning and executing world tours, one after another.”

    And does that artist see discipline as a burden?

    “No, I see it as a blessing,” Janet is quick to say. “As a child, I took it for granted. That’s who I was. As a teenager, I wanted to sing and dance. I realized that required concentration. I wanted to reach people, and I had the good sense to see that couldn’t happen if my skills weren’t crafted with precision. But as I came to adulthood, I was hard on myself. Discipline is one thing; perfectionism is another. Perfectionism is a kind of punishment. It leads to permanent dissatisfaction and heartbreak. It’s wonderful to strive for excellence, but demanding perfection only leads to heartache and frustration. It took me years to learn that difficult lesson. But in finally learning it, I now see discipline in a new light.”

    The light of the winter sun breaks through the grey sky and floods the room. Janet gets up and finds a copy of “Can’t Be Good,” a song written and produced for her by Ne-Yo, who also did “Discipline.” She slips it into the CD player. The sensuous groove stops the conversation; it’s all heavenly harmonies and sweet romantic ambivalence.

    “The ambivalence and the discipline are in conflict,” says Janet when the song stops. “I can relate to the story. In fact, I can imagine myself in the story. After a long relationship that ends in pain, I turn to my old friend, discipline. I discipline myself not to get involved, not to be vulnerable, not to fall in love. My discipline protects me from any more hurt. My discipline keeps me on track. But here comes someone who’s so real and right that, as the song says, ‘This can’t be good.’ So discipline really isn’t discipline. It’s just self-protection and fear of being hurt. It’s resistance. Thankfully, the heat of pure passion melts the resistance. And the result is free-flowing love.”

    “Listen to ‘Letchu Go,'” Janet continues. “It was written and produced by Jermaine. When I read the lyrics by Jermaine and Johnta Austin, I couldn’t help but cry. The more I thought about the story, the more I saw how it reveals another aspect of positive discipline, especially as it relates to relationships. The song says that we can’t stop trying just because we hit rough times. It’s not too late; we can’t give up on our fate; we can’t let go of that discipline that allows us to work through problems and find a way to the wonders that come with open and honest love.

    “The album expresses what I need to express at this moment of my life,” she says. “It says that discipline, rather than being a problem, can bring pleasure. Discipline is a key to freedom. Discipline allows me–allows all of us–to focus. And the focus must be on thoughts and feelings that nourish our physical and spiritual lives.

    “Funny, but my first big album also had a one-word title–Control. I was naive in thinking that I could control every aspect of my life. The only one who really has control is God. But it took discipline–the discipline of thought, the discipline of action, the discipline of creating music–to make me see that. Finally, discipline has to do with faith. I have faith that a gentle but steady discipline will let me continue to grow as an artist and a woman.”



  14. @nia it is. however is it a channel or what is the set up. it has taken oxygen years to find an audience and even then it is iffy.

  15. She is taking over the Discovery Health Network. I did read that she pulled out as an investor of Oxygen shortly after they started because she felt like it did not reflect her voice. But I see big things happening with this venture.

  16. That is a gorgeous pic. She makes me so proud and sooooooooooo hopeful. I’m feeling like 40 really is the new 20! Looking forward to it now

  17. :brownsista: Now this is the lovely ,sexy looking Janet Jackson that I know,I love the picture,and I can’t wait to see more pics of her,and I’m looking forward to seeing her videos.
    I hope You have much sucess with your Discipline CD, and I hope it’s a mash hit.YOU GO MS JACKSON,WIT YO FINE SELF! : :dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :dance2:


  18. I like it even more, now that you are showing the whole pic. All she needs is a whip in her right hand ๐Ÿ˜†

  19. Everyone says she is holding a whip and that is what is wrapped around her on her cd cover.

  20. Janet is bad, always has and always will be ! She been in the game forever, and still has the CONTROL to get ppls attention. But I’m wondering why her man jd can hook up mariah carey so much with a whole bangin cd, he needs to hook his boo up too, aleast some more!

  21. I can’t believe there are only 29 comments on here so far in two days. Where’s the love people? I really hope she has success this time because her last album was kinda dry in my opinion. I was kinda hoping to enjoy the new video more than I did too. She’s still got it though, but I just want something new and fresh from her. There is NO DOUBT she has set the standard for all these youngins today, and alot of R&B/POP female artists have borrowed a move or two from her. Now she just needs to bust out with something totally different and keep us guessing and anticipating her next move. Hopefully working with these different producers will help. Why can’t Jermaine hook her up like he did Mariah? He IS her main man and all…..

  22. She looks very good in the promo pics, I just don’t get why the album cover is so airbrushed. I, too, like the corset/dress (can’t tell which it is). It’s a great look for her.

  23. :iagree: I love her so much! She looks great. I don’t know about the strait hair shots but she is beautiful and I agree that she is an icon to these younger artist. She can not be compared to any of them although they have taken on her style. Janet you keep on doing what you are doing girl.

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