New Kelly Rowland Promo Pic

Kelly Rowland has a new album about to drop any day now and you know a new album means new photo shoots and new promo pics for me to critique. I love it when an artist changes their look from one album to the next and with a new sound hopefully Miss Kelly will come back with a new image to match.

The singer tweeted the photo of herself below yesterday- saying it was an image from a new photo shoot she was doing. Kelly didn’t go into details so I don’t know what the image may be used for and can’t really say whether I like it or not.

What I do like however is Kelly’s disco look she went for last week when she performed for the first time her new single “Commander.” Kelly has adopted a new sound that I don’t think many people saw coming and a new look to go with that sound, something along the realm of a 1970s Donna Summer, would be the perfect image to go with that sound.


  1. Leaving Mathew behind was a good move. Kelly is doing good for herself. Even if she never really gets credit in this country she is geiing it outside the U.S. and that is great.

  2. no shit. a promo pic of kelly. that is so awesome.
    (just wondering … )

  3. Is it just me or does Kelly kinda look like Michelle in that pic?

  4. 17150918

    That’s the first thing I thought when I saw it. She totally looks like Michelle.

  5. Wow! She has a new cd dropping any day now and this is the first I’ve heard of it? Hmmm….she may want to step up her marketing and promotions if she wants to be even blip on the radar outside of DC. I don’t know why she doesn’t team up with Brandy and Eve and create a cool new supergroup. The solo thing is just not for her, and those two divas can’t seem to get a running start either.

  6. Kelly’s huge in Europe.

    Maybe most of her promo is being funded through channels on ‘that’ side of the pond?

    She looks great. I do get a Donna Summer vibe from her. They kinda look alike. 🙂

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