New Latavia Roberson Pics


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  1. I hope she plans to do more than just take sexy pics.She needs to drop the music first and then her clothes.

  2. I remember her well.She had a tight little body on her too.I hope she makes it.I know it;s gonna be much harder for her though.She needs a new stylist though and I always hated that red hair on her.I hate fake hair on sistahs but hate it even more when it looks fake.

  3. I want to hear her sing.Bee said neither she nor Latyoya could sing and after hearing Latoya I knew that was true.Now I wanna hear how Latavia sounds on her own.

  4. I admit I want to hear Tavia as well.I do want her to have some sucess too cause I read her story on BV and she has really been through it the last few years.Good luck Tavvy :thumbsup:

  5. LaTavia was considered the dark not too attractive one.A comeback for her won’t be as easy as it was for Toya.One need only read Kanye West comments to know why.Color is still king in the music industry among Black people.:mad:

  6. I think her pics are sexy yet tasteful.Do your thang Latavia and may God bless you and your family.

  7. Latavia is looking beautiful and I believe she has enough of a fan base to be successful.A lot of people are still rooting for her to make it and so am I.I hope she can shake off the haters and crazed Beyonce fans and come back with an album different from what we might expect of a former DC members.

  8. Latavia can sing, when she was with destiny’s child in concert she did a song on her own and I was floored. Beyonce said someone couldn’t sing? Pot calling the kettle black I see.

  9. I thought Letoya’s voice was cool and Latavia I wouldn’t know if she could sing or not. And whoever said she was the least attractive one in the group that’s my first time hearing anyone say that. Kelly was the one that hardly got attention, Latavia was the real thick one Beyonce had hips but Latavia had hips, butt and thighs. I think she’s a pretty woman. Beyonce doesn’t sound that great to me she sounds like a pop star she doesn’t have enough soul in her voice you can tell she’s had vocal training kind of like she’s trying too hard verses a singer like Kelly Price who has it naturally.

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