New LeToya Luckett Song: Somebody Else

Like so many other former Destinys Child members, singer Letoya Luckett is looking to make a musical comeback. The singer last topped the charts nearly two years ago but hasn’t been heard from musically since then. Several reported tracks to be featured on her sophomore album were leaked to the net earlier this year but none seem to catch the attention of fans… until now. Somebody Else, a slow jam reminiscent of Letoya’s hit single Torn, has fans all excited even though their is no official word as to whether this song will even make the upcoming album. Whatever the case, the song is pretty cute and I can see it replicating the success of Torn. The song features Avant and to give it a listen just click here.


  1. I love her
    I adore letoya to me she always was the prettiest, her last album went platinum and i’m happy that she is such a nice girl! Good luck to her i’ll buy the album [maybe 2 copies] just because i can and i want to support her

  2. same here an di work tomorow girl my daughter work me out so good that i cant even sleep even if i want to lol

  3. That’s a nice easy listening song. Letoya really needs to come back strong and fast or face being forgotten. So far she is the only one to break the Destiny’s Child curse.

  4. I love her….there is nothing like a comeback!! I always say for every setback there is a comeback. If this second albums does nothing. She defintely did great with the first one. As they say in Genesis 50 …Though you meant evil against me God meant it for the good!

  5. I love her first album i can not wait until the second one comes out. @ Dark sista i agree that i think latoya was the prettiest too you know someone going to go nut after what we said lol. I heard when she open up for mary j blidge that she did a really good job. So Latoya can not wait. It was best that she did get fired because look she doing her own thing Michelle and Kelly take notes please.

  6. I love her soooo Im a true DC3 & DC4 REAL FAN!!!!
    I hope she comes back out this song is soooo nice. I think it would of been better with Tank though

  7. I like this song. It IS reminiscent of Torn, but I still like it though. This is the kind of music I listen to “Easy Listening” as they call it. Perhaps she is going to be a “slow jams specialist”. Some people just have a nack for creating love songs……..Good luck to her.

  8. i love this and believe her voice can do soo much betta :brownsista: not feeling this 1 @ the moment.

  9. I like this. Music for the grown and sexy people.

    Hopefully mainstream radio will get back to serious music and not just bubble gum pop, teenybopper stuff and rap.

  10. as long as latoya isnt signed with matthew knowles like the other 2 fools, i guess i can support her

  11. Ummm, what are you talking about? Several songs have not leaked from the new Album, there was one a few Month’s ago called “Swagger” and this one (that’s 2).. There were songs that people labeled as New LeToya, but her true fans knew it wasn’t her. Some fools still have those songs labeled as “New LeToya”, but like I said it clearly isn’t LeToya..

    I like this song, and her voice. I didn’t really like “Swagger”, but that was because there were too many rappers on it and not enough LeToya!

    Thanks for posting the song though, but you were a little wrong in the comments about the leaked songs.

  12. She has broken the curse because she has people (family and label) behind her that believes in her talent and ability. That makes a difference. :thumbsup:

    Plus she has never harboured bad feelings about the Knowles or that situation (at least not publically). That speaks to her character. I think fans respond to that. :hifive:

    Plus, Plus. She sounds nice. :iagree:

  13. :iagree: Oliver, as long as she is not signed to Matthew Knowles she will do fine. I like his work because he is a great business man, but in order to make it, an artist needs someone who can give them their full attention. Great work Latoya.

  14. @Chey:

    I co-sign 100%. However, don`t hold your breath waiting for mainstream radio to add good/great R&B music to their format. The crap they, only, play now will continue to flow. The bubble gum pop, teeny bopper, and ridiculous rap music will continue to dominate the airwaves. Just dew like I have and say, “no to all this nonsense”.

    As far as Letoya, this is definitely the direction she should take with her album. The song, although reminiscent of “Torn”, has a very nice flow. It`s such a relaxing song that gives one the feeling of being on a tropical island with a cool drink. The song is definitely on point.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  15. I also Agree Chey
    If i hear “marco pollo” one more time i will have a fit! I mean i can’t support people just because they’re black i also agree with what ice T [Shout out to him] said about that soulja boy madness

  16. for toya its okay . nothng wow.just okay. nd no.! shes nt the prettiest . bt i hav to say m glad that shes her own woman. unlike kelly.

  17. Why do people put Kelly Rowland down like you know her. Take a look at those DC albums Beyonce was not the only writer. Every time one of those songs gets played she gets payed. She is venturing out doing other things with her traveling show. So people are saying they will support Beyonce who is being managed by her father but won’t support Kelly because she is being managed by the same man. Does that make sense.

  18. people get off the matthew knowles comments….its old…if she was signed under him im sure she would do just as good….about the song…i thought at first i would have to listened to it a few times before it would catch me but by the end of the song i came to the conclusion that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! GO HEAD ON LATOYA!

  19. people get off the matthew knowles comments….its old…if she was signed under him im sure she would do just as good


  20. LeToya and Avant are sensational together. If this is a little taste in what to expect from LeToya album than I will cop her album. The song is fire! :thumbsup:

  21. :noway: mario i want u to stop lyin to yourself because we both know an half of the world know if she was under matthew she wouldnt of did good at all ….first off they did not get along she even said that an do you remember when her album came out what he did even she knew what matt try to pull …remember she was BET talkin about how her album was number 1 AN ASK HER ABOUT THE CRAP MATT PULLED even she new the games he was tryin to pull. did yall forget HE HAD OTHER ARTISTS ALBUMS THAT NEVER SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY :loser: thats just sad it just people know a snake when they see it AN HE’S A SNAKE AN NOT LIKE HE HIDE IT EITHER

  22. Why does this post about LeToya Luckett has to be about the Knowles. Get over it I am sure she has.

  23. I like this song and she is a very beautiful woman.
    However, I think it is hard not to talk about the past situation with Matthew, because it was her beginning. And also there is so much talk about Bey, Solo (that is a ok singer), Kelly and Michelle. Everyone knows who Matthew is totally supporting, or should I say who is totally supporting him.
    Back to the subject,,,,,Letoya do your thang, your song is very good.
    I’m just saying…..

  24. again…drop the matthew thing its old you people dont live their lives and neither do I thats why i dont know whats going on and neither do any of you so drop it…this stupid stuff being going around for 10 years and YES it is old… and even if she did say she was treated badly there is ALWAYS two sides to a story…not saying if any of them are right or wrong because again i dont live their lives…i just dont point blame on people when it has nothing to do with me…thanks!

  25. I love this song!! The thing i like about Letoya is she does her and want let no one stop her!! Great combination Avant and Toya!! Keepem Coming, Im so ready for the new album!!

  26. So people are saying they will support Beyonce who is being managed by her father but won’t support Kelly because she is being managed by the same man. Does that make sense.
    Yes it DOES make sense if the “same man” has different agendas….. Plueze.

  27. I really love the song i hope the album will reach a second success status!

  28. @Mahogany you are blaming Kelly Rowland for what you think are the intentions of someone elses actions. I think if you like Kelly then you should support her regardless of who her management is. He can’t forceably pay people to go out and buy the girl’s cd’s. So what people are saying about that just simply does not make sense. I think it is because she decided to have her own career when everyone else wanted her to stay in the back ground. But either way she is paid and doing her thing.

  29. that ain’t gonna get it…i liked the swagger song i thought that was a good single

  30. So, this post is no longer about LeToya, but Matthew, Beyonce, and Kelly!SMH

  31. Everyone is still blaming Matthew Knowles for the demise of the ex DC members–but what is the excuse now? They haven’t been under his management for years, yet Beyonce is still on top. Mr. Knowles can’t make anybody go out and by the albums of Kelly and Michelle or Beyonce for that matter. After years of struggling, in 2003 Beyonce was a the right place at the right time and it’s been history every since then. Of all the members of DC, Beyonce is the most talented as it relates to entertaining….Kelly had her chance to perform solo and so has Michelle and the both are not good at it—so it’s not like they haven’t been given the chance to prove themselves—they have. Beyonce is where she is simply because, she is beautiful, talented and the supported by her fans.

  32. Beyonce is where she is because of her voice, she’s blonde and shakes her booty oh and shaved her negro nose down to the white man’s image and got a new set of tits. Go Toya!

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