New Mary J. Blige Single: “The One”

Mary J. Blige Unlike Janet Jackson and Sade, Mary J. Blige is not known for taking long breaks in between albums. The singer, who released her last album “Growing Pains” less than two years ago, is now ready to release another and the lead track from that album has reportedly been leaked to the net. Produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild” Jerkins and featuring rapper Drake, “The One” showcases a somewhat new sound for Mary, but is so far not getting very good reviews from fans who aren’t feeling the singer’s use of auto-tune.

Click here to listen for yourselves and tell us what you think. Is Mary jumping on the bandwagon or should she be commended for trying something new?


  1. Well i’m all for good music over the crap we are served right now, but i am not feeling this song :thumbsdown: Mary got it always did she just need to get back in the zone!

  2. for the beat alone…… rodney was cool.
    for the song as a whole….hmm….i’m still listening to it….
    (time passes)
    funk flex with them sound effects….he always on some other ish.
    (more time passes)
    if any of ya’ll know about jerkin” then let me tell you…this is a nice beat to jerk to.
    aight on the real i didn’t hear drake on the joint….i’m still listening to the song tho.
    the whole vocoder thing wasn’t necessary. mary sound tight all on her own as it is.
    for the song as a whole…..uhh….it’s aight and watnot.
    but the summer’s a comin’ and the party arty folk gon love it. :koolaid:

    “They ain’t got nothing on me nothing on me”.

    Still trying to let the song grow on me 🙂 MJB still my gurl

  4. I love it. If I knew how to dance, I would dance to it. Love, love, love the beat.

  5. Why is MJB using autotune? She’s not T-Pain or Roger Troutman. 😆 She is most definitely jumping on the bandwagon, and for a woman who says that she likes her sound “organic” as oppose to Mariah and Beyonce who tries to crossover, she sure loves to mimic crossing over. Don’t get me wrong, she is the best female artist of the last 20 years, the most influential but this is not a good look or sound for her.

  6. I haven’t heard it yet, but why the rush to keep putting out new music? Sade proves that people are willing to wait for good music. I’m tired of trying to keep up with everybody’s new albums every year. Most of the time, it’s trash because it was just thrown together..

    Off to listen to ol’ skool Maxwell, Mint Condition and more fabulousness.. 🙂

  7. I don’t think the song is as bad as ppl are saying. The lyrics are a bit silly but overall it isn’t the worse song I have ever heard. If I was Mary I wouldn’t use it as a first single though.

  8. I think this song needs to go the way of Umbrella. Mary J. Blige is just a little to old, and by old I mean mature in sound, for this to me.

  9. I like it. It’s not my favorite, but I like it. Good beat. They need to tighten up the lyrics. Sounds like they’re trying to make a club joint.

  10. Sounds like Letoya Lucketts lastest trach SAGSOM! Same message, same beat, everything!

  11. I love Rodney Jerkins. He is a hit maker. But I also realize that parts of the music he produced for artists were flops (Remember Michael Jackson, Rhona or Spicegirls”s album?) . I like him and his music so much. But I can not put a trust in him. His music is like when you are gambling. You would never know what will turn out.

  12. I like it and the autotone doesn’t really distort her voice, as a matter of fact, her voice is still quite distinctive. MJB has not lost a beat regardless of her age and she still has that swagger just like the song says. :brownsista: :thumbsup:
    Bow down to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul :bowdown:

  13. the song isnt bad but from mary? i think i just expect better, when people have to say “the song isnt bad” that means that its really not that great and for mary that wont pass from me because i love her voice way to much to just give it a pass…

  14. Alright as it is. Would be a hot song if it were different singer like someone with a voice not as strong like Ciara feels like a song for her….. doesn’t fit Mary voice really.

  15. I think this is a step back for Mary. She is a mature woman now. Leave songs like this to the younger ones :thumbsdown:

  16. its awful..isnt mary j blige a little bit too old to be making these kind of songs i`m just saying..i mean i got the impression that i heard this one before..smh

  17. How OLD IS MARY J?????????????????????????????????? COME ON!!!! :stop:

  18. The song is good. However, I can do without the auto-tune. Auto-tune is designed to disguise a lousy voice and Mary J. can sing; she doesn’t have to make her voice sound different. Plus, I can do without the thunder. In gerneral, some have said that she’s copying some of the other singers (?) on the scene. If that is the case, then Mary J. is doing a better job than those she’s accused copying.

  19. @Liyah: I definitely see what you’re saying, especially with LeToya having a song of the same nature, but I think Mary is just at the right age where she can let her “Breakthrough”-era maturity coexist with her “My Life” street persona. I actually like the song, a really good video would serve it up nicely.

    As a first single it’d be just fine for me because I always look to the 2nd and 3rd singles to really give me an impression of the album as a whole. “Growing Pains” was great but really wasn’t promoted properly, things kinda fell off after “Just fine.”

  20. I love the song, the song is hot. Stay blessed and keep up the good work Mary.

  21. I mean age don’t have anything to do with it. Stop hating on the Queen of R&B. I like the song. :hater: :bowdown: :thumbsup:

  22. Roger of Zapp used the Vocoder or Auto tune because he wasn’t the best singer out there and he knew it. So did Teddy Riley, although he did try. Mary is just trying to stay on top of her game. She has an ok voice and tries to hit notes she should leave alone, but she’s ok. She sounds better without it. I’m waiting for TEENA MARIE!!!!060909!! And my girls En Vogue and Sade. THEY DON’T NEED AN AUTO TUNE DEVICE TO SING. I heard Teena’s jams and they ALL sound great especially the one she did with my boy HOWARD HEWITT!!………………PEACE!!

  23. like someone said, mary produced better music when she had drama in her from the new mary is kinda blah :bag:

  24. I think this son is HOT! Mary is timeless. She can flow with whatever is happening NOW and still sound good. She looks and sounds fabulous. It’s people her age and better that still like to bump in the club to something hot. At least you’ll know who the hell is singin it! and not feel like you are trying to keep up with the kids. The problem with other artist, they wait til they are dusty to try to come up with a new sound. Mary is keepin’ up and keepin’ up well. To all you haters out there, YOU CAN HATE IT OR LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  25. i didn’t hear the track but just from the reading the lyrics and knowin she got that autotone is enuff for me to concur-they got Mary 2-she’s turning into a clone-Trust i luv Mary, she in my top 5 all time singers, but she is 2 old 4 that nonsense-leave that 2 the younguns- RHianna, ciara, b. I’m disappointed, i’ll probably start crying when i hear it. Hopefully, it was just a test drive and she’ll come back 2 being Mary on her next singles

  26. The song aight, but i’ve heard better from her. :bag:

  27. This song is gonna be another hot Mary J. club anthem just like Famiy Affair. As long as this is where her heart is then its gonna be a great hit and even great album.

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