New Meagan Good Photo Shoot

One more pic can be seen on page 2.

Big thanks to Julie from Sweet Meagan


  1. Hadn’t seen her on here (or anywhere else) in a while. I was wondering what Ms. Good been up to since those pregnancy rumors…. :confused: still don’t know. She good in the pix though! She’s gotten thick in the thighs, for sure- or just thicker period?

  2. I just love this photoshoot!! The color, her outfit.. everything is great!! And it’s normal that we haven’t heard a lot about her since a moment! She’s currently shooting her movie “The Love Guru”, in Toronto and it will end on November 30th.

  3. Am I the only one finding something wrong or off about those poses? I mean I know she’s playing croquet…….. Maybe it’s those legs warmers that are stunting her ‘length’ and making her look short. I don’t like the photos. 🙁

  4. Love Ms. Good. She looks good in these pics. But im not feeling those leg warmers. She’s killing it in the 3rd Pic. :thumbsup:

  5. I don’t like anything about these photos. They look real bootleg.

  6. I like the first pic the best…Megan Goode is such a pretty girl. She still stands out even though that croquet outfit is ugly.

  7. these pictures are rubbish this girl look bloated what the hell do you all see in her.. she looks like a skank.

  8. Man yall need to stop hatin you :hater:’s For real though. you know she aint ugly and those pics aint bootleg :thumbsup:

  9. SHe looks good her face is cute the weave is nice the dress is cute. But I don’t care for the pics. May be it’s what she’s doing or just the scene but they could have picked a better location. LOVE YA ANYWAY MEGAN! :thumbsup:

  10. Uuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STILL THE SAME OL’ LOOK FROM MEAGAN. I’M TIRED OF IT.

    GIRL STEP YA’ GAME UP :hmph:

  11. I think that these photos are ok. But i think that she should change her look and get rid of that BLACK. Try blonde, brown, anything but black!!! 😐

  12. she cuda picked sumthn way edgier since she hasnt been out. but she still pretty i like her weave and shes getting fat tho but shell b aight.

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