New Michelle Williams Photo Shoot

Photograpger D. Blanks shared with his Twitter peeps (tweeps) one of the images he recently took of singer Michelle Williams. Michelle has been pretty quiet over the last few months so maybe these new photoss are a sign that she has a new project to promote. Last we heard from the singer she was letting her fans know she was safe after an early morning fender bender with a Chicago city bus.

Happy Michelle is ok and am loving the pic…

Michelle Williams D. Blanks Photo Shoot


  1. Nice pic. Michelle needs to go back to her gospel roots. That will definitely separate her from her former bandmates and give her longevity while they are slowly fizzing out.

  2. She looks great! I hope she coming out with something soon.

  3. This is a very good look for Michelle. The layers of the outfit fills her out nicely and adds the curves she is in desperate need of. As for her career, I guess a DC reunion will be the only thing that will really put her back on the radar. I don’t think she needs to come out with any more music on her own.

  4. I wish Michelle the best of luck in all her endeavors and things she does musically and outside. The picture as art is beautiful in its own way…but the outfit,etc is an absolute hot mess otherwise! lol

  5. The pic is beautiful, it looks like a ad for clothes or perfume. Her and Kelly are really shining since stepping away from Papa Knowles.

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