New Music: Clap Clap by Lil Kim

Lil Kim and her I.R.S. crew snap back at Nicki Minaj in “Clap Clap,” a not so thinly veiled attack on the up and coming rap diva. The single will be featured on a mixtape to introduce Kim’s new group and will be getting the video treatment, along with “Black Friday,” another Nicki Minaj diss track. Check the single below and let us know what you think.


  1. Nice single….To be honest I like Lil Kim’s rap style better than Nicki’s but I think both ladies are talented. I do wish this beef stuff would be over its played these days. Just make an album Kim and let Nicki do her thing.

  2. Kim actually sounds pretty nice on the track. But this beef thing is silly. All Kim gotta do is put out good music – something she should have been doing way before Nicki came on the scene.

  3. Until Kim sell a million on her next album.———-> Garbage ass mess!

  4. This is SO sad to put THIS much energy into SOMEONE else. I used to really like Kim, not saying I dont but this is so childish and is getting very old and just pointless IMO. While she’s making ALL these diss tracks, then talking about she’d work w/Nikki, Nikki is gracing the covers of all kinds of magazines, CD done gone plat and her promo is on point so who’s really winning here???

  5. i wish Lil Kim would just do her thing and stop doing what 50 cent did and that is try and have beef with everyone. that is why no one is really checking for him and no one is really feeling Lil Kim because she is seen as someone who is jealous of new talent who can rival her. This is so sad.

  6. @Surabi – I think that’s just 50’s style and he does much better. LOL. Not saying it’s ok, but he can’t go from being a bully to being completely humble. Either way, 50’s money is not saying no one isn’t checking for him. To me, he has his head on straight, unlike other rappers. I think people who try to also pull off the way 50 picks on people just end up failing. 50 can bully people and find a way to make 10 million in one weekend. Everybody can’t do that. Lmao. *SHRUGS*

    Overall I agree with everyone saying that this beef should end. I prefer Kim’s delivery over Nicki’s but they are both talented. I get really annoyed by Nicki VERY quickly unless she does tracks like Autobiography, Fly, Moment For Life, and Right Through Me. That’s it!

  7. Man when I have a confrontation with someone I address it immediately and then move on. I cannot imagine the negative space a person has to be in to make a song or an album dissing someone.
    All I can say is I hope Kim has made room in her life for peace of mind and happiness in conjuction with all this beefing it aint healthy.

  8. I Love Nicki’s Style & flow!!! I hate 50 Cents stupid continuous beef & I hate Lil Kim’s beefin even more cuz she needs to remain in retirement or try acting more often or something. She is too old to still be acting this immature. Every one used to be checkin for 50 Cent, but the more that he talks about Ja Rule & the more that he claims that Ja Rule is the one that had him shot, that makes me think he’s just immature and crazy. He knew he had to have a lot of enemies since he was selling crack or cocaine. Ja Rule stopped responding long ago. 50 Cent is gonna fall off, too, unless he stops his crazy rants and accusations.

  9. Kim does not need to do this point blank. She is an established artist who has earned her place in music.She is a good artist who should just focus on her own career.

  10. Do your thing kim and don’t worry about Nicki. This game is about making paper and the rest will follow, Kim you know what time it is!!! What goes around will come back around and you have to be in it to win it……

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