(Update) New Music: ‘Fallen’ by Sevyn Streeter


New Music: ‘Fallen’ by Sevyn Streeter

Singer Sevyn Streeter is keeping her word and unveiling a new single every month leading up to the release of her debut album Girl Disrupted. For her latest offering, Fallen, Sevyn has chosen to enlist the help of not one, but two rappers: Ty Dolla and Cam Wallace. This decision takes the otherwise g-rated single into whole new territory, specifically when Wallace starts crooning about Sevyn’s sugar walls.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the track before Wallace and Dolla chimed in and after they did I was even less impressed. Sevyn can do better than this. I expected so much more from a song that was bold enough to sample New Edition’s If it Isn’t Love.

I’m going to need Sevyn to go back to the drawing board and do better before Girl Disrupted is released.

Update: Sevyn has released the video for Fallen. Feel free to check it out below.