New Music From Alicia Keys

A quick snipped of a new single from Alicia Keys has been released. The singer announced it to the world via Twitter and to give it a quick listen, just click the player below.

Doesn’t Mean Anything will be the debut single from Alicia’s new album and is said to be produced by her and Swizz Beatz


  1. It’s something how it has to have plenty of pop flavor to sell today. I love Alicia Keys and her music, she doesn’t have mega vocals, super soulful ones. Alicia sounds her best when she sings softer songs like “Teenage Love” and the “If I didn’t Have You”…but, she sure makes me listen to her lyrics and she’s inspired so many young girls to learn to play the piano along with singing.

    Black people must support more black music and artists, so we can keep rnb alive because others will take it and make it their own, music gentrification.

  2. I can’t hear it- I keep hearing Alicia vocals aint all that. I mean she ain’t Whit or Jhud but who is? Alicia can blow and her soul is unmatched.
    Like Mary, Mary halfway in her career started getting vocal training b4 it was straight soul & she killed it. Give me soul than a vocally trained singer that don’t got none.

  3. Phd having, strong intelligent , self esteem having Black woman, Best entertainer of our generation and overall role model for all black woman around the world

  4. “Black people must support more black music and artists”

    Wow… Cynth you’re serious?

  5. The background chords and her opening vocal sounds a lot like “No One.” Of course this is just a snippet, but I sense an unwillingness to stray from familiar (read: hitmaking) territory.

  6. I didn’t hear the song-but Im sure Alicia killed- Yes, she is one of the most influential singer of our day-in the music industry and outside.

  7. Yes..i was waiting for a new single……I just siad that this morning….

  8. Im at work right now but I I’ll here when I get home . Probably listen to it on you tube

  9. Sounds like it could be nice but I can’t really tell from 22 seconds either. Either way Alicia has established herself as a solid music maker so I support her. I just hope that she doesn’t let Swizz mess up her sound kinda like JD didn’t really improve Janet. I think Swizz is a good producer and he might can help her try something new but I don’t think she should give him full reign of her whole album just a song or two. Stick to your winning formula Alicia, which is you and Krucial.

  10. You know when Whitney Houston didn’t do her best on GMA everyone was posting it and saying bad things about her, but, now that she has showed up and showed out on Oprah and proved to everyone that that voice has not gone anywhere nothing is mentioned.

    Stephanie aren’t you tired of displayng the exact same people all the time on your blog. Be true to the name of this blog and show other brown sisters who are doing big things. Venus & Serena won their doubles. Three beautiful brown sisters was in a number one movie. Nothing from you. It is the same people every single day. Damn ahve some creativity expand your mind. There are brown sistas tearing it up in the jazz world never a mention. Elaborate on the brown sistas please.

  11. @ Baron

    I agree! It sounds a bit like “NO One” which I wasn’t really feelin, myself and so, with that said… I don’t care much for this cut.

  12. so the homewrecker and her boyfriend are producing music now.i wonder will they redo “secret lovers” or “affairs” or “as we lay” or “you down wit opp”

    in less then 5 min, im going to be attacked called all kinds of ghetto this and that, goverment check gettin, rent a center computer having, uneducated so so, you know how ********* over react but i am not saying any names!! u know who u r!!! lol…

  13. I have heard the full version and I like it. It was written though that her and Krucial produced this and not Swizz. I guess we will know sooner or later.

  14. I heard the whole song on the radio yesterday and I don’t really like it. I guess it may grow on me.

  15. OK I haven’t posted here in a long time but I love the new song and it was written and produced by Krucial & Alicia.

  16. I like alicia but the beginning did kinda sound similar to “no one” but right now everyone is making music that suits their voices and not going out of thier comfort zones so u cant blame her. Lol at home wrecker keys we don’t know what really happened between them so stop jumping to conclusions lol.

  17. When did Alicia get a phd?
    Omg! I didn’t know!! Kudos to her!!!
    The real phd i hope, and not Professional HouseCleaning Diploma!!

  18. this is way off subject but i seen a video of lil mama singing “no one” on youtube and she killed it! to be honest she was singing it like it was her song, i aint know she could sang.

  19. You can’t call alicia dumb, you can’t call her unlady like, u can’t say that she crotch shot people, she is the best selling female aa of this generation so let’s call her a homewrecker, not knowing that there is no such thing as a homewrecker, People are pathetic drop the new album keys and kill them with class and education not with booty!!!!

  20. @ VOICE i like alicia but even though me or you doesn’t know what happened there is a possibility that it could be true and if it is its sad because she’s doesn’t get drug around the dirt for it but anyone else would be called h*’s and skanks, b*itches, etc.

  21. @ voice
    ok maybe this is better, the other woman, the mistress. explain to swiss beats kids what they should call her!
    no she is not as obvious as others in the game, but she is not an angel but no means…
    what you do in the dark will come to the light!

  22. @12345-even tho we disagree a lot u sound cool & i respect u don’t get nasty on here, now as 4 alicia i luv her 2 death. Fortunately, i realize entertainers are human & when i 1st heard that rumour i didn’t dismiss but i didn’t take it 2 heart, but there is proof-sorry. There was a pic of her & Swizz recently in Spain in a restaurant googly eyed. They are a couple.

  23. @Voice-i luv that girl & i was hurt 2 but let’s be real. Look at Angelina Jolie -she saving the world but broke up a marriage. So, from an objective(i luv that word) standpoint- she that Black Angie- I do luv that she don’t walk around stages naked and tryna save AFrica, but she disrespected herself in another way. Now, Mashonda could have been fronting saying they wasn’t goin thru no probs, but that ain’t the point. Married is married. Oh yeah, heard on radio yes, MAshonda showed up @ alicia’s suprise b-day-Mashonda kinda hood huh?? lol

  24. I can’t have much of an opinion on it because uh it’s only 22 seconds lol

  25. So what all of you are saying is that alicia is so powerful that she came into a marriage broke it off and took the husband away? Is a man a cellphone? i’m sorry but is swiss beatz a blackberry? Or a gucci purse? you guys act like mashonda left her purse somewhere and alicia came and picked it up, I see my brother in law get pussy thrown at him every dang day but he doesnt take the bait, It is time to STOP blaming others and accept that either the man is a dog or it wasnt meant to be, I’m tired of this “homewrecker” sh-t, honestly it makes whoever is yelling it around being pathetic so mashonda was sitting down while her dude was being “snatched away” abi? that makes her another weak chick doesn’t it?

  26. I don’t know f this story is true or not and I don’t care but why everytime a man leaves his wife/girlfriend for an another woman it’s the woman’s fault? I’m sorry but it takes two people to be in a relationship. If the guy left his wife maybe he wasn’t so happy with her. He is as guilty as Alicia if not more because he was the one who was married.

  27. first of all it was announced that they got a divorce back in 08, and i agree with voice, it aint all her fault. We don’t know what really went on, as far as the situation, we are just out looking in

  28. wow! i thought common sense would dictate its both people fault, but since the blog is about Alicia umm… we can put pieces 2gether. Listen when they got up, they was together. Mashonda said it on the radio. Why can’t people accept Alicia is human, she made a boo boo. i still luv her music. Did we except R. kelly to have sex and treat a 14 yr old girl like a urinal. nooooo but he did. What’s the big deal. People have affairs or make mistakes erry day.

  29. did we expect-typo.
    Also google Swizz birthday party-mashonda did show up-handled herself ladylike. Shook alicia’s hand(guess to show her im the bigger woman instead of ragging her across the room & ending up in the news) They said Alicia’s mouth hit the floor & Swizz family members said he knows the kinda woman he had & ain’t tryna let her go completely. Swizz invited her. Mashonda said she caught tex from Allicia, texted her back 2 let hr know he is married. But she said b4 she though alicia was gay(lol) so didn’t have her guard up. ANyway, sorry 2 burst people’s ballon but Alicia just reminded you=SHE’S HUMAN. Stop puttin these people on pedestals, then u won’t be so shocked when they show human error.

  30. @Voice- u git 2 emotional over celebs. You the type when you like sum1 they can do no wrong, when you don’t like sum1 they can do no right. Not errything is black & white. Trust. you go through life like that-you gonna get blindsided errywhere.

  31. i hope this makes people feel better. Alicia was WRONG & Swizzbeats wAS WRONG. bUT guess what that don’t diminish Alicia’s responsibility in this.

  32. She slept with a married man and will always be considered a homewrecker NO MATTER WHAT!

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