New Music From Ciara: Ride It

Ciara is finally back with new music. The singer’s new single is titled “Ride It” and features rapper Ludacris. Ciara recently shot the video for her single, which you can check out below. The clip was clearly shot via cellphone and doesn’t show much. However the audio is clear and you can definitely hear enough of the vocals to judge whether you think the song is hot or not.


  1. I hope the girl has learned a lesson and put some clothes on!

  2. the song is aight!!

    @Lol be careful for what u wish for! when everyone first heard single ladies, ppls was saying “ew! Get me bodied pt 2”, and look what happened… LOLZ!!!!!!!!!

  3. @BLACKSISTA I don’t think female artist’s today know what ”clothes” mean 🙄 they just don’t want to cover up(Beyonce, Rhianna, lady gaga, Erykah badu yeah her too I said It) Man oh man I miss aaliyah she was the definition of classy to me, MJB, Jill scott, Sade’, Amil larrieux-groove theory, i’ll say Alicia keys to cause she does keep her clothes on just to name a few ….but anyway cici Is probally doin’ the same dance moves she been doin’ but i’ll still watch the video i’m not hyping myself up cause this so called ”music” today Is not ”real music” were Is the substance & simplicity & leaving little to the Imagination!

  4. @U KNOW WHAT ur right there Is no substance In music today like It used to be…It’s just alot of booty poppin’ humpin’ around rude boy Is u BIG enough 5 star chicks ,Barbie’s, princess ugh! my little cousin’s can sing and dance to this stuff…. this type of music Is childish to me…and just to think I was watchin’ the Nickaloden kids choice awards and rihanna was singin’ RUDE BOY I was like WTF she couldn’t even sing the words to the song all the way cause It was to inappropriate take it take,it baby baby mmm so sad but yet It’s the num.1 song In the country ugh..anyway this Is a ”Ciara” post right…Yeah I know wonder how this song and video will turn out! SURVEY SAYS?

  5. @James, hahaha you’re right! But I LOVED ‘Oh’ so that’s not neccesarily a bad thing =]

  6. “He loves the way I ride it?”

    Twenty guesses as to what “it” is.

  7. Eryka Badu made one really stupid video to one great asz song and now everyone is trying to link her with the mess that is out now. Please give me a break. I don’t condone her video because I think it was a great song and just didn’t need all of that mess. But I guess with the marketing the record companies have done extremely talented people have to do really stupid stuff. They were actually speaking of another black woman on CNN and it is sad what she had to do to get mentioned.

    But the rest of these women I don’t think has any control over there image I don’t care how big they are. Because when you constantly make up excuses or alternate pesonalities of why you do what you do you are not happy about it.

  8. The song sounds hot, and I’ll be buying the album ’cause her albums are always really good to me when I need some uptempo beats. But yeah, “U Know What?” your completely right, most music today is completely childish and bufoonery and I prefer to listen to albums like Melanie Fiona, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, and “Dagerously In Love album” Beyonce, but it’s not good to eat “steak” all the time, so I have to break up the “good eating” of quality music with some snacks of junk food to keep my ears stimulated. Ciara’s albums are really good when I need help waking up in the morning or staying awake doing boring homework.

  9. wow; you guys are pretty harsh! geese. i still love ciara and wont judge her cause im not the one to do that. dont take away the hard work that she is doing. at least she’s not a sell out and doing what she loves 🙂 keep it possitive guys. :hifive:

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