New Music From Ciara: Supernatural

A snippet of a new single that is said to be from Ciara’s upcoming album, entitled Fantasy Ride, has hit the net. Some are saying it’s her first single but I doubt it. More than likely this song is an album filler or won’t make the new album at all. Click here to take a listen and let us know what you think.


  1. Sounds like she is experimenting with her sound. It’s not good but it’s not bad either. Maybe as a third single it would be cool.

  2. This is a great song I really like the mature lyrics and it seems as though Ciara has been working on her vocals! However this is not the first single and I doubt that it will be a single at all. Her first single is called “High Price” and it’s featuring Ludacris.

  3. Thank you for posting Ciara news. Supernatural is a beautiful song, i luv it looking forward to the album and music. 2008 is your year CECE

  4. Her voice sounds like it has improved so much, this song is better than a lot of her slower songs in the past however, if it were to be released as a single then I would have low expectations for the album.

  5. i like her but at times she sounds like beyonce on the radio

  6. Seems like every female artist is getting pritsy these days…all legs and hair. LOL

  7. Ciara is a low budget Janet Jackson. She put out one good song and then her album died. Musically Rihanna is running things right now.

  8. I think Ciara totally rocks! she’s not trying to be anyone but herself. and the gal can dance! i think the public will love what ever she puts out.even though if aaliyah were still alive all of these wanna bees would not exist!

  9. stacie you really need help stop bashing everyone because beyonce’ s time is up!

  10. Stacie welcome to reality , if Rihanna was running things there would be no need for viacom to remove Ciara and Beyonce video to give her a pass. every single the goodies queen release have went multiplatinum along with both album. don’t belive everything you read on line.,as a Ciara fan we will never let that happen, we support her by buying her album and will bring the family to see mama i want to sing

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