New Music From Dawn Richard

Singer Dawn Richard has premiered “Me, Myself & Y,” the first single to be lifted from her upcoming “A Tell Tale Heart” mixtape. The 27 year old former “Danity Kane,” now “Dirty Money” member, says the song was written by herself and features production from The B Boys.

Look for “A Tell Tale Heart” to be available for download at midnight on February 7th, via Dawn’s own personal blog.

Give the song a listen below.


  1. I like Dawn, I think she got a bad deal being with that Diddy group but it is keeping her name out there and she is getting exposure.

  2. If it was just a little less messy it would be great, but as it stands it is still very gpod! She has the best voice from Danity Kane easily! She needs to release a really good balland and it could make her career. Unfortunately, this isn’t it. Something along the line of Shontelle’s Impossible (which didn’t exactly work for her but still), piano-driven and vocally focused.

  3. In the beginning it sounds bars lifted from one of Rhianna’s songs. As it goes on it sounds to familar to beyonce’ …. no feeling this record at all.

  4. is no one in her camp paying attention? whos selecting the tracks? hi…..hello everyone
    wants to dance right now. unless
    she has established this connect
    with her fans for this pace of
    music and its won people over…
    its a kaplunkkk… i miss r & b
    feel..but its not whats in right

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