New Music from Fantasia

After a two year hiatus, Fantasia is finally back with new music. The American Idol winner debuted her new single ‘Win to Lose’ yesterday as well as news of its iTunes release on January 8th.

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. i said this on another blog…

    LOVE THE SONG, hate the horrible taste she left in my mouth.

    also… is she pulling publicity stunts? claiming her brother was jumped and robbed on Instagram and that there will be pay back?

    any way, Tasia Love the Song, Hate what you have allowed to bring you down in your personal life.

    hope she is always able to provide for her family.

  2. using the Commodores music Nightshift gives this song a good beat i like the song because of the beat, but her voice is so powerful.

  3. I love Fantasia, one of this generation’s most distinctive and powerhouse (passion-filled) voices (screams and all) and awesome performers!…She is all kinds of messy…but she’ll always be able to sing for her supper…She may be a working artist at the very least…having to tour to make her way…singing RnB or Gospel!

    Hopefully, she’ll get another Broadway stint or a film role that will help to eclispe her drama zone…I always play her Walmart concert session, her voice is magic…Fantasia missed out on big endorsement deals and selling out arenas for the time being…she didn’t take the pop or hip hop road…what sells to the masses…I’m grateful she got in some nice RnB hits before black music’s major decline…The Color Purple role and all the tribute performances, esp. the Patti LaBelle, “Lady Marmalade”…Fantasia is Fantastic!

  4. I Love Fantasia!!! She can sing her butt off….I don’t care about her personal life. She’s young and people make mistake!!! Dang!!! Sing Fantasia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fantasia is hands down one of the best vocalist/performers. She deserves a break. I loooove this song. I wish Fantasia much success.

    On another note I completely detest these people who make comments about her personal life. She is a performer not our morality barometer. Who gives a damn who she is dating, sleeping with, etc. Her job is to make great music, of which she delivers. I really hate hypocrites. Measure her by her music not how she lives her life. She is not perfect neither are we!

  6. Cynthinia….as per usual, you said everything I wanted to say and then some!!!! Love everyones comments on here really Honda too…but yeah Ms. C you always are RIGHT!!!!! on target. The only thing I think you’ve said in history I don’t agree with you on is the whole Beyonce fake preggers thing, but idk…maybe I’m just naive but I have her and adele’s concert vids and watch them religiously and I’ve studied the way she held back and holds herself during the performance and not convinced no matter what wendy and other sources have said…bad publicity is good pub though right? any is good? haha…but yeah back to Fanny…LOVE HER!!!! She’s messy and REALLy screwed up burning that bridge with Oprah….eww, we gotta suffer through J-Hud the next few yaers and her album is all kinds of wack but I play Fantasia’s 2010 release and her debute all the time. Sometimes, I think touring is where the real money and JOY of music is though. Like that’s where you build your fan base and create LONGEVITY when the radio’s not your friend anymore….the beautiful Ms. Lena Horne toured unitl I think her dying days and she lived to be in her 90s….that’s what Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin do…and what you know who is striving to obtain the ability to do. The late and great MJ made MILLIONS upon possible billions on “This Is IT” tape that got turned into a movie that will take care of his children even if he was taken out so unjustly….I honestly do believe the industry insiders killed him to make money off his death cause the industry was dying and they need to do something drastic so he and whitney had to go…..that’s why Clive davis was able to party in the hotel she died in the same day ’cause he didn’t really care. He knew he was about to get one last “prize” from his beloved work horse….sorry to sound zaney but yes I am a conspiracy theorist and PROUD of it! hahah….I have other theories too, but I ain’t stupid enough to share ’em! 😉

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