New Music From Jazmine Sullivan

Singer Jazmine Sullivan is back with a new single “Holding You Down” (Going In Circles). The Missy Elliott produced track will serve as the first single from Jazmine’s upcoming sophomore album, which is set to be released this fall.


  1. Yep. Why would she come back with a Mary J. Blige rip-off of another song?

    Not a smart move.

    Missy has lost it too and only recycles music at this point. She did the same to Keyshia Cole with her last album.

  2. Ol’ school ” boom bap” mixed with a sample from Nas’ Affirmative Action from his album “It Was Written”. I don’t really get the Mary J. Blige rip-off comment(how?…), but anyways, it’s alright, I like it.

  3. @ Rafi, the beginning of the song sounds EXACTLY like a Mary J song. The name eludes me right now. I like this song though, go Jazzy.

  4. No one would would come back with such a call to the past without it being intentional. It is a homage. And i believe the mary j song may be I can love you…I love this song, but lyrically it may be lacking!

  5. The “homage” thing is great, but when will artists stop making music off of others’ creativity…all artists are influenced, but it’s getting soooooo tire…the producers are the artists and they’re tire it seems…some samples are great, like Monica’s “Everything”…but, the vocals were awesome and the lyrics changed and is “a hope to die” love song and will make a great gospel song, Karen Clark Sheards…”If It Kills Me”…some found negative, but a great song with searing vocals…black music is in limbo…the artist(s) that create a new sound of music like Teddy Riley did with New Jack Swing or Mary J. Blige singing over beats or Chaka Khan screaming in key or Jill Scott infusing rnb, jazz,classical, folk and soul…AK rnb, hip hop and pop…Estelle and Chrisette are some of the absolute best of today, the truth, even though, they go under-appreciated…Jazzmyne Sullivan talented, but not the right skin color to get the love she deserves…there are some great singers out, but are being stiffled by trying to make hits!
    Think India Arie, it can be done, but it’s even more difficult for her today than earlier in the last decade! Music buying and listening has greatly changed…light skin is in…I’m convinced! I’m loving the attention Janelle Monae is getting, good press and exposure, but how’s her record sales?

    Instead of just hits…something original would be so refreshing!

  6. @Yep & @Rafi Be Happy from My Life album that’s where the rip off MJB come’s into play. As for the song, sounds like a remix then an original.

  7. @Cynthina,

    You are wrong. R&B is evolving, but when it changes we don’t classify it as R&B. We call it pop, or something. Music on brandy’s human CD, or even some of Jazmine’s stuff on her last CD, and yes, as much as many of you hate her, Beyonce’s techno-influenced songs like Sweet Dreams are R&B. That is R&B music that is starkly different from the R&B from the past, but, because of its incorporation of some modern techniques we say its not R&B. Wake up people, the world is changing and mixing creating new and unique combinations, and THAT is the future of R&B. Shontelle’s impossible, a “pop” song, with so much soul in it that it is true R&B…

  8. the problem with this song, is the background yellers. “Exclusive” and “One Time”, what’s holding it down. If it was just Jazmine’s vocals and the instrumentation (and removing the mixing in the middle) it would be PERFECT

  9. For a minute I look at the pic of Jasmine Sullivan and thought that was Nicki Minaj they look just alike

  10. @cynthina….. Jasmine Sullivan talented, but not the right skin color to get the love she deserves?

    so you are saying Jasmine has to be “fair Skinned” to get the love she deserves….because i think it’s more than that

  11. I think JS has an amazing voice, but I don’t like this song. It’s a little too busy for my taste.

  12. This song is just okay for me, but I still love her. Still bump “Fearless” which is such an awesome amazing classic album. LOVE HER!

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