New Music From Keke Wyatt

KeKe Wyatt’s new single won’t be released to radio until the first week of January- however we have a preview of it sent to us by her label. “Who Knew” will be the first single from KeKe’s upcoming album of the same name- which is expected to hit record store shelves on February 23, 2010.


  1. yessssssssssss im so happy this girl can sing. i cant wait for her album to drop

  2. I love her voice, but this rnb/pop track, the kind of music black artists are now making in hopes of it selling isn’t always their best…I hope she does well…I will buy her cd as a fan and give support…unfortunately, we’ve moved back in time after creating popular music in this country, we gave jazz, blues, gospel to form various genres of music from rock to country. What Marvin, Miles, Robert Johnson or Ella, Minnie and Billie would say looking at black music today…how did we let music go? Corporate greed and fans not supporting good music when it’s available!

  3. This is a beautiful song. I can relate…Who knew it would be him that would captivate my heart? 🙂

  4. Isn’t this the REALLY ignorant chick who’s white mother calls her children niggaz??

  5. I lov eher and talent is never doubted not one minute. My only thing is how it stands in compitetion. Like Monica and Fantasia can sing they butts off too but who can make a single that translates like keyshia though? I mean talnet is cheap. That gets proven everyday, being able to be a supreme vocalist is just a catalist. Being how the market is right now….is that really going to get spins and pull people? If you would ask me I would say no. It’s demo material at best. She is going up against people that are putting out music that goes past the oldies station. She’s still figuring ou ther market. She needs to take heed to Mary and Keyshia and find the songs that are translating and also back up on the “good old singing” a tad because its killing her possibilities. People want melody and trend. I would send her to Tank for that. He did wonders for Letoya. SHe can be young, hip but still keep her pride as a vocalist too. I understand her not wanting to dumb down too much but still, she needs a single for visability. Regret is hot as heck, she needs that.

  6. @ 17150918-Yea it is she also denied being a sista so why is this self hating woman on here?

  7. I like this song I cant wait for the video and yes I think it will be a hit for sure all the stupid comments shut up please she never denied being a sista she said clearly it is on wikipedia that she identifes with the black comunity even though her mother is white her father is half black and indian ok let it go Let the music speak for itself. She is so pretty and can sang. Glad she is back and to stay keeping hating on her you making her more famous I love pretty sure she does too. I love you KeKe

  8. Oh, is that Keke “I’m not black” Wyatt..I won’t buy it..She really got under my skin with that interview she did a while back discussing her race..F**k you Keke!

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