New Music from Kelly Rowland


Singer Kelly Rowland is featured on the upcoming Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game visual album, due out June 10th and available for pre-order via iTunes now.

Kelly’s contribution to the album, a single called “The Game” was just unveiled, and you can give it a quick listen below.

Other artists set to appear on the album include Janelle Monae, Santigold, Timbaland and many others.


  1. This song is going in 10 different directions. I think an outstanding video will redeem this song. At least Kelly is trying something different. The song has potential, and may grow on me. On a bad note it kinda sounds like some RiRi left overs. On a good note, Kelly’s vocals sound really strong, which has never been her strong suit. I sense Kelly’s motivated for her next album to hit big, or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. At least Kelly’s in a good place, with just getting married. I can’t wait to see more of those pics. They’ll be much more pleasant than the kimye foolery.

  2. I am sorry to say, this song stinks like left over cactus juice on a hot blazing day!

    What was she thinking? Does anyone remember that song she came out with maybe about a few months back with Joe! That was the bomb…. Well i hope the new album she is working on turns out to be awesome. I enjoy her music but this song i don’t know…. lol

  3. The song is not a Kelly Original, but rather a theme song that is written by Sia (I think) and produced by Jake Throth. The purpose of the song is to tell a story for the new futbol theme Pepsi is releasing! It is to inspire people, not become a chart topper or club banger; It is for a commercial people! Reading is fundamental, but business sense is also good to have. If you listen to all of the songs on the Pepsi (not Kelly Rowland) album…the message and sound is consistent! This is a major endorsement deal!

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