New Music from Kelly Rowland


A new single from singer Kelly Rowland called ‘Number One’ made its way online Christmas day and according to Kelly it will appear on her upcoming ‘Year of the Woman’ album.

The track, originally featured on the Mike Will mixtape ‘EST in 1989 PT. 2.5’ is part of a movement Kelly says she is on to make music that women can relate to.

“With the things that I’m talking about, I think this it’s probably the most vulnerable I’ve been on a record- and I wanted to just touch a woman’s hand, talk to her, you know what I mean? Like, this is my sister and I think that’s one of the things that I wanted to really pronounce on the new album, is a celebration of a woman,”

‘Year of the Woman’ will make its way to record stores sometime in 2013, while ‘Number One’ can be had right now… click here to download.


  1. Kelly looks just like Donna Summer on the front page.
    Don’t like this song though. She is making Motivation type songs over and over again. Lets see some growth Kelly.

  2. Yes Kelly!!! I can’t wait til this album drops….She’s the truth!

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