New Music from Keri Hilson: Scream and 100

New Music from Keri Hilson Leaked Online

KERI HILSON - SCREAM - 100 -0After an almost five year hiatus, singer Keri Hilson is finally back with new music, though we don’t know how official it may be.

Late last night two new singles from Keri turned up online: Scream, which is produced by her longtime collaborator Palow da Don, and 100, which features rapper Young Thug.

Keri has acknowledged neither song on her social media accounts, though fans have naturally been inundating her with questions of their newness and authenticity.

We’re sure Keri will let fans know what’s up later today, but in the meantime, you can check out high quality versions of both songs below.


  1. 100 sounds just like Ciara’s I Bet. The beginning where she talking about how she upgraded the man is very similar. I don’t like it as much as I Bet though. This one is more juvenile. Scream is better.

  2. What has happened to our music? Black radio is full of trash and both these songs will be added to the heap. While scream is at least passable as a song, 100 is just yuck. I don’t need or want to hear anymore songs about women who’ve upgraded worthless ass men who then dumped them. C’mon ladies. Where is this generation’s Toni Braxton? God, this stuff just stinks.

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