New Music from Keyshia Cole

If Keyshia Cole was trying to keep her new single hush hush, music video director Benny Boom spoiled that plan.

Boom, who has his Twitter account on lockdown, revealed he was on the set of Keyshia’s new video “Enough of No Love,” which will apparently feature pint-size rapper Lil Wayne.

Lockdown or not, those following Boom quickly spread the news, prompting Keyshia’s publicist to be bombarded with confirmation requests that simply got a “no comment” reply.

Keyshia, once a rising R&B star, and the heir apparent to the throne Mary J. Blige still occupies, stumbled with her last two albums, 2007’s “A Different Me” and 2010’s “Calling All Hearts.” Both failed to live up to the success of the singer’s previous two albums, barely reaching Gold status in the US and doing even worse overseas.

Despite the musical setbacks, Cole told her fans via Twitter last year she thinks she knows where she went wrong.

In a series of tweets that have has since been deleted from her account, Keyshia told fans she was ready to give them “more depressed, fed up, niggas ain’t shit music.”

Though now a happily married woman and mother of one, Keyshia said she recognizes not all her fans had grown with her and that “not everyone is happy.”

Whether “Enough of No Love” gives fans the sad song vibe Keyshia thinks they want still remains to be seen.

Unofficial reports say the song and video are set to debut on July 10th.


  1. Must Lil Wayne appear on everything? I’m so tired of his no talented behind. And I hope thsi record is not a Kelly Rowland knockoff.

  2. And hes so ugly. Why do women let this creepy lil gremlin lay on top them. And pump. Eww.

  3. lmao ya’ll are terrible GIGI n Lourdez but I agree so I guess i’m terrible too!

  4. I don’t think it was a secret.

    Because I saw them casting for the video last week. And usually when artist want to keep things a secret they use different “working names and titles” to throw people off. That wasn’t the case with Ms. Cole.

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