New Music From Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole A new track from Keyshia Cole titled Let It Go has hit the net and is reportedly due to be featured on her upcoming sophomore album. The single, produced by Missy Elliott, features both her and Lil Kim as well as a sample of the 1980’s classic Juicy. Because Keyshia Cole is the 21st century version of Mary J. Blige, you can expect this single to become an immediate hit. Keyshia’s fans have been waiting for a hot new single from her and I think they finally have it. Click here to listen for yourself.


  1. Okay, I’m going on record as saying this song is going #1 because it is THAT GOOD!

    Seriously all, from the first note I was instantly hooked. I love the old school flavor in this easy to rock to song. And Missy can’t be touched when it comes to hit jams so you know this one is going far.

    Thanks Brown Sista – I have found my ‘summer jam’ for 2007 :thumbsup:

  2. Guaranteed hit indeed. Urban radio is Keyshia’s domain and she has it on lock. Plus the song really is pretty good. I don’t think it will be her lead single or it wouldn’t have been leaked so early but it is cool and I can see now Lil Kim is destined to be on a lot records in the coming months :thumbsup:

  3. This is a pretty good album filler, nothing special. Juicy has been sampled to death so this sounds like a million other songs. Missy should have come with more originality than that.

  4. Keyshia is Black gold and can do no wrong. Urban radio will eat up whatever she puts out right now. Glad to see her back though and I’m ready for the album already :banana:

  5. Love the song. Can’t wait to hear more from Keyshia. Also glad Kim and Missy still got it! LADIES ANTHEM OF SUMMER 2007! :brownsista:

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LUV THIS SONG!!!! I just heard it on the radio, and just had to Google it to see what the what was on it. I SSSOOO miss the presence of FEMALE RAPPERS on the air…what happened y’all? Its great to see Mary collab with mini-“her” (Keysha is sincerely the 2K7 version of ’96 “My Life” Mary.



  7. This song is HOTT! I really feel this song and feel that all women need need to take heave this it is the realist. This is & will be a hit. :dance1: :dance2: :banana:

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