New Music From Leela James

One of my favorite artists is finally back with new music. The gorgeous Miss Leela James has made quite a few changes since we last heard from her- including the move to a new label, the legendary Stax Records. Along with a new label comes the inevitable release of new music and that is exactly what Miss James is giving us with the release of her new song and video “Tell Me You Love Me.” The new track is the first from Leela’s upcoming “My Soul” album which is set for a May 25th release.

Check out the video below.


  1. There Noelle goes again making ran-dumb ass comments on this blog. What does this video have to do with Cadillac Records or a movie coming out? Please somebody get rid of this nut.

    As for Leela, I like the song but it is nothing special. Video was plain too.

  2. Hey Denyce,

    I think Noelle is referring to the sentence ‘movie to a new label’ instead of ‘move to a new label’. It was just a typo.

    She felt like making a joke out of it.

  3. Thank you REAL, I just realized it was a typo. I wasn’t making light of the situation, said movie, lol

  4. One of my favorite artists as well! I was wondering what’s been up with her! I’ll be getting this, I love her voice!

  5. I love her however her voice is too powerful for the tempo and mood of this song. It seems like she is under-compensating her vocals to sing on this track.

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