New Music From Macy Gray

It has been almost three years since we last heard from Macy Gray; however, like a lot of 90’s divas she is looking to make a comeback in the new millennium. “Beauty in the World” is the latest track from the singer, whose last single “Slap a Bitch” didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Macy’s upcoming “The Sellout” album will be released on May 17th and will feature production work from Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Kaz James and even a duet with singer Bobby Brown.

If you haven’t heard Macy’s new song yet… click below to give it a listen.


  1. I can’t take that song out of my head since I’ve heard it,better than that crappy “slap a bytch”.

  2. “The Sellout”??? Has she conformed? I hope not…at least not completely. *sighs* I kinda like this song though. But to be honest, most of Macy’s stuff I like.

  3. I like this song, but it is a little too repetitive for me. I want a little more from her. I agree that it would be a bad idea for her to conform. Conforming usually doesn’t help to gain fans, and she might lose some of her old fan base.

  4. Slap a Bish was a bad song. Macy Gray suffers from not having the right look cause God knows her songs usually be fiyah.

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