New Music from Miss Jackson?

Singer Janet Jackson sent waves of excitement through the twitterverse when she tweeted what fans believe could possibly be the title of a new single.

So what did Janet say?

Read below.

Janet fans, myself included, believe ‘Got On It’ has got to be a song title, because the tweet in and of itself makes absolutely no sense at all.

Janet rarely tweets but sent out several last week, including one where she gushed about being the happiest she has even been.

Rumors have been circulating for most of 2012 that Janet was heading back into the studio to start work on her eleventh studio album, the follow-up to 2008’s Gold certified ‘Discipline.’

As always, when fans asked Janet to elaborate on the tweet, she did not. However, Janet’s longtime creative director, Gil Dualdo, was a bit more vocal, responding to fans’ questions with a simple »


  1. I read this on Facebook too and the fans were whooping and hollering thinking new music was coming, but nope, that ain’t it. Get on it is the NutriSystem motto.

  2. I thought it was a new song too. *redface*

    Janet tweeted again today saying she just got back from Russia and looks forward to performing there. She must have something brewing to say that. I think she will release new music in 2013 and kick off a big tour before the year is out.

    Just back from Russia and seeing “Swan Lake.” I look forward to performing there.

  3. It would be nice if she put out some new music. It’s been too long.

  4. I don’t want another ‘Discipline.’ Big name producers with no input at all from Janet. She needs to hook back up with Jimmy and Terry and give fans what they want.

    By the way. Jimmy gave an interview earlier this year I think where he said they started recording new music and then stopped when Michael died and then soon after she started work on Why Did I Get Married Too?

    Hopefully when she feels up to it she returns to the studio with them.

  5. All these singers need to go back to the drawing board. Record sales are iffy any way you go, so why not experiment or just do the kind of music you (and your fans) want?

    This industry or fans’ reception has changed over the years. It used to be that many sistas in pop, r&B, rap reigned, but now it’s a favored two or three on the mainstream and that’s it. Industry loves it because monopoly yields guaranteed $$$, especially if consider the complete branding realm that seems a must in becoming a successful mainstream artist today. Capitalism. LOL. I get that the industry guides and dictates, but it seems its even more strict in its ‘discipline’ of who we’ll sign, who we’ll promote and what kind of sound emerge from the top 40. There’s something lacking in music today; music of the mainstream…and it’s, well, “MUSIC”.

    But let me stop. I applaud the success of whoever is on top. I just hate how the masses are being controlled and I loathe how they pit one against the other when it should ALL be LOVE. Just make beautiful great music and stop following trends. Create trends.

    I’m rambling.

  6. You better speak that truth Kanyade.

    Anywho, I cant wait to hear new music from The Blueprint. Hopefully she will go outside herself and create another masterpiece. Janet shines most when she is making music more alternative and funky. Her Velvet Rope album was so ahead of itself and innovative. Thats the Janet I know and love. The Janet that thought that it would be a good idea to collaborate with Kathleen Battle and sample Joni Mitchell.

  7. GOT ON IT is referring to nutrisystem. the tagline for the campaign is “get on it” so she was referring to those who joined nutrisystem. TRUE FANS SHOULD KNOW THAT!

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