New Music from Olivia

‘Love & Hip-Hop’ star, Olivia, is back on the scene with new music. The 30-year old former J Records protégée has just unveiled ‘Happened to Me,” the latest single to be released from her upcoming ‘Show the World’ album.

Give the song a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. As if anyone cares. It’s been ten years since J Records dropped her. She needs to move on cause music clearly isn’t right for her. Not everyone who sings can be a singer.

  2. I actually like her drive. Her other song, December, is quite good and I think she sounds great and this song is very good. It isn’t like crossover hit but for an album track it is really good. December has that single vibe. If she can get big label money for promotion I think she MIGHT have a shot. Go Olivia!

  3. I’m a big fan of Olivia’s…..(been down since Bizounce), she can sing and she’s a doll. I agree that if she could on with a big label who will put some decent promo, she could be IT.

    Best wishes to her……..

  4. sounds good!

    I think the best thing for her would be to guest appear on other people’s track to build up a buzz before she releases her own record.

    Best wishes to her

  5. Idk why people are so quick to tell others people they need to give up on their dreams…Note to all the young people out there dont ever allow yourself to see “you” through the eyes of others. Any dream worth having is worth fighting for regardless of the haters!

  6. I’m an Olivia fan. She should never give up on her dream if that is what makes her feel alive. She should branch out and do other things in entertainment while working and waiting for her music career to come back full circle. Many artists have come back when people have counted them out. Olivia wasn’t promoted well when she was on Jive. It was like I’m about to Bizzounce…ok now what..that album will always be one of my favorites. She shouldn’t pay attention to the negative people. If she gave up on her dream people still would be talking, saying oh she doesn’t like to sing and just gave up. Keep doing your thing.

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