New Music From Trina Braxton

Toni isn’t the only Braxton sister releasing new music these days. Adding her name to the list, Trina has just unveiled her new jam, “Party or Go Home,” which will officially be available for iTunes download next Thursday.

Give the song a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. Its okay for those clubs… but not the hood. I guess thats a good thing i dont know 🙂

  2. Sounds like everything else out there right now. It will definitely get lost in the sea of sounds. Its too generic and doesnt stand out as Trina, whoever she may be musically. Like Beyonce has a sound. You hear the music and that southern drawl and instantly, you know who it is. The same goes for Toni, Janet, Whitney, etc… This sounds like music you hear in Foerver 21 or Charlotte Russe.

  3. At first I thought I would be saying go home to this, but I think she did a good job.Her personality comes through this.

  4. It’s not bad. It will definitely be played in clubs. It’s catchy enough to appeal to teens.

    @MrsJones3, I love R&B just as much as the next person, but Trina is trying to appeal (obviously) to a wider audience, which translates into a bigger payday. She’s not the youngest singer out there, so her chances of making a huge splash on the music scene are limited at best. This song has the potential to be played in clubs overseas as well, not all R&B artists have the ability to make crossover R&B hits. This was a good choice for her I believe.

  5. @ GLOW

    So true!!!

    It’s crucial that Trina builds an overseas audience. At least, she can tour as a working singer and band. I think she should do a hat and handbag line to help build her brand as her music finds its audience. I wish all the Braxtons well!

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