New Music from Vivian Green

Singer Vivian Green is back with a new single “Anything Out There,” the first track to be released from her upcoming fourth studio album.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Vivian shot the video last month and said it should be released sometime later this month.


  1. I love her. Unfortunatley because most radio stations are owned by the same two companies she probably won’t get any air play. So if you want to hear her you will probably have to by the cd. She is wearing pants so you know she can’t be pushed forward.

  2. I USED TO BE SO COMMITED TO THIS GIRL (bought every album), loved her energy when she first came on the scene, she was so different.

    but now all she delivers is the same dam sad love song to the point it just makes me angry.

    evolve boo

  3. ahh i remember vivian. emotional rollercoaster was a jam…still is.

    please don’t anyone attack me for saying this but tell me if the first picture of her in the long dress doesn’t have her looking like she has a huge erect…?

  4. This is a nice song! Soothing vibe! V is an artist and doesn’t play to sell, but to express. But, that said, she could use another melodic emotional rollercoaster! Her music can be too stripped down at times, but I appreciate her doing what she feels. Unless it’s Pop, it’s not going to sell well anyhow, but for the rare exceptions!

    I’ll download!

  5. Also…

    Love the haircut, color, wardrobe, photo-shoot! V sure can rock short hair! Catch her live if you can, she’s awesome!

  6. OMG!!! I love her!! The song she has with Brian Culberston “STILL HERE” is so awesome!! Its on repeat in the car!!! May the Lord pour out a whole lot of blessings over her life!

  7. vivian is so pretty. i loved the first album but i dont like the new music as much but much success. keep doing your thing.

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