New Music: ‘You’ by Keyshia Cole


First Listen: ‘You’ by Keyshia Cole

After an almost three-year hiatus, singer Keyshia Cole has finally returned with new music. Via her Instagram page, Keyshia shared a clip of a new single that features rappers Remy Ma and French Montana. The track is titled You and is reportedly the first from the singer’s upcoming It is What it Is album.

You can give the snippet a listen below and check back for the full track after Keyshia unveils it at midnight.

After rethinking her decision to go independent back in 2015, Keyshia decided to sign with L.A. Reid and Epic Records last year. “I really felt independence was the best route.” she told fans via Instagram. “But clearly that’s not in God’s plan for me right now.” Keyshia went on to tell fans she now has a team that wants her to “win” and with renewed support she planned to make the next album her best one yet.


  1. No sir. The same old song and dance. Not another ‘you done me wrong’ song featuring a rapper. 🙁

  2. My thing is with Keyshia Cole knows her core audience. She is versatile but some people don’t want to acknowledge it. When she emerged she made records that were relatable. The records about unhealthy relationships was her lane but she created records about uplifting and set the bar from there. Some people don’t appreciate artists such as her because as a fan since day one I noticed she has grown and evolved. For instance she took a different approach to the “A Different Me” era and “Calling All Hearts”. Those albums took a more positive and uplifting approach minus the typical “I’m done with these bum you know what dudes.” However, I think what suits Keyshia the best is when she tackles these up-tempo records with the content and message about a chick being fed up with b.s. Also, I appreciate when she does go into another direction besides the “I’m done with these bum you know what dudes.” I don’t compare her to anyone else but Mary J. Blige is another artist that has grown and evolve for herself. She’s versatile because she knows about to balance certain records depending on the subject matter. Mary J. Blige still gained commercial achievements by taking different approaches with her direction within her records. Mary J. Blige never put herself in a box however she maintained that urban presence with authentic street edge and charisma. Keyshia Cole hasn’t did anything different from what Mary J. Blige has done but I have to credit her for staying true to herself and her art. I think Keyshia Cole for this new era will be interesting because I do want her to take her records to another level. She always had the substance and quality. Now for the single I certainly expected her doing the solo thing by herself. Regardless I’ve always been a Keyshia Cole fan and I’m ready for her new material.

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