New Music: Alicia Keys & Eve Are “Speechless”

Singer Alicia Keys recently tweeted what she called a “holiday treat for her fans.” The gift Alicia was speaking of is a new track titled “Speechless” which is produced by her husband Swizz Beatz and features rapper Eve. Alicia was quick to let it be known the song would not be featured on her new album and is not an official single.

Official or not, it is classic Alicia and one of the best songs she has released in years. If you hunger for the soulful sound the R n’ B diva made her trademark when she first stepped on the scene back in 2001, then you will absolutely positively love “Speechless.”

Give it a listen below.


  1. I like the track but not one of her best.
    And is it just me or has Alicia kinda “changed” ever since her last album came out.

  2. The production is lovely, from Kanye’s MBDTF – love it! And AKeys sounds so good.

  3. “Devil in a New Dress” off Kanye’s MBDTF! i knew I had heard it recently. Sounds ill.

  4. Alicia doing any collaboration with anyone and didn’t released the put it in a love song with Beyonce. She better release the ainticapated video/song ft. Beyonce before releaing anything or I’m done with her.

  5. Awww…its about her lil guy, too sweet. I feel that orginal soulfulness coming back, can’t wait to hear new music. Love Eve and Alicia together, Gangsta Lovin is still my song…

    The song was for MonsterMondays and yes they mentioned it is done over Kanye’s Devil In a Dress track, and someone by the name of Bing is the original producer. There was also a video of them in the studio which was cool as well.

  6. ” Official or not, it is classic Alicia and one of the best songs she has released in years. …then you will absolutely positively love “Speechless.” ”

    Please stop the *ss kissing.
    I don’t think AK will ever be received the sameby her fans. Her actions have soo surprised us. You tell us that we’re worth is (A Woman’s Worth), tell us to treat others as we wantt to be treated ( Karma) then date a married man for 2 yrs! Get pregnant by him while he is still married, even after finding out he cheated on his wife with his mistress and cheatted on his misttess with you.

    So disappointed IN YOU.
    For that reason I cant listen to you.

    And no this isnt solely for AK. I dont listen or support Fantasisa, rapist Kelly, not even the genius Michael Jackson.

  7. SISTA- Like her music, image etc. Idk maybe she’s just tryin to reinvent herself, I could be totally wrong.

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