New Music: The Big Big Beat by Azealia Banks

AZEALIA BANKS THE BIG BIG BEATWhile I’m not a fan of rap music, I do love me some Azealia Banks. I follow the Harlem native on Twitter, and while she often comes under scrutiny for her outspoken nature, I personally love that she isn’t afraid to take a stand on issues most celebrities would cower away from. If her music was half as thought provoking as what she posts via social media, she’d have a lifelong fan in me.

Unfortunately I don’t find Azealia’s music as inspiring as her online musings, and because of that I cannot fully appreciate what she has to offer. She’s very similar to Nicki Minaj is that respect. Both I find appealing, except when it comes to their music.

At any rate, if Azealia’s musical stylings are to your liking, then you should definitely give Big Big Beat a listen. I couldn’t make it through the entire song because there were just too many “niggas” and “bitches” for me. But if you think you can hang, then feel free to go for it. Personally, I think Azealia can do better.