New Music: Toy Soldier By Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is a soldier of love, or so she sings on “Toy Soldier,” the latest single to be revealed from her upcoming “No Boys Allowed” album. The power ballad finds Keri lamenting the loss of a lover who took advantage of her.

Check the lyrics and tracks below…

“The only one who made me cry is you/ And the only one I had to fight is you/ And it was you who told me/ He said I would never have to fight again,”

You can pick up Keri’s album on December 21st. The up-and-coming R&B diva will be going head-to-head with fellow R&B powerhouse Keyshia Cole, whose “Calling All Hearts” album drops the same day as well.


  1. Pretty girl, nice voice. She went from wholesome to ho–ish in a matter of months. But I guess that’s the norm for women in this industry. Sell sex.

  2. I am not listening to anything else by her after that last exhibition. –I was so disappointed.

  3. I’m confused at the image she’s trying to project. I was feeling Pretty Girls Rock, but then she came with the next video and I’m like WTF? As for this song, not feeling it. Too techno.

  4. dosent matter both Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson are gonna have weak numbers they dont have a hit single so good luck ladies

  5. I love her I got her CD right now so u Miss coco Can just lay it down and leave her alone cause its not so shutup

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